Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fit and Healthy

3 months ago something inside me clicked and I realised even though I was skinny I was ridiculously unfit and that I needed to do something about it so I decided to take up running. Now I used to do a bit of running when I was younger but I hadn't ran for about 7 years properly (apart from randomly running sport relief last year) so I won't lie that before that first run with my boyfriend I was nervous as hell. Shaking and everything. Just pure panic. And it didn't go so well! It made me realise how unfit I actually was but I carried on with complete determination that I could get better. 

On Sunday 17th March 2013 I did a 10km run for Age UK called Wrap Up and Run which was something I never thought in a million years I'd be able to do but I did it. To be honest as I'm pretty much in my opinion allergic to exercise I think it came as a surprise to everyone especially my mum and the rest of my family. To be honest my mum was probably in complete shock that I was going to attempt to it but I had motivation in the form of my boyfriend. 
Even though he's a bit of a task master and does get a bit annoyed when I stop mid flow I don't think without him I'd have had the motivation or the determination to do it but I did. Plus when he turned around the night before and said that he didn't think I'd be able to do it due to being in bed with flu the week that made me even more determined that I would finish it one way or another!!! My time was just over an hour (pretty annoying) and I didn't stop till I reached 8km when I literally just couldn't run any more but all in all I finished and it was the one of the best feeling afterwards of achievement I think I've ever felt as well as relief that I could now rest.

I've been a bit slack recently but this week I'm going to start running again as I'm aiming to do the Race For Life 10km in under an hour and also at the same time raise money for a great cause. There really is no better feeling that crossing the finish line after working your legs as hard as you can and I look forward to experiencing that feeling again in July.



  1. Good for you! I just joined the gym so I could keep my fitness levels up and have already seen a difference, keep it up :) x

  2. By the way I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, the post will be live tomorrow (7/5/13) after 10:30am on my blog! x

  3. Oh thank you so much :). That's so unexpected - I'll be sure to read the post tomorrow! x