Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dream Job

Thinking of what your dream job is something I find really difficult as I'm such an indecisive person who constantly changes her mind like the wind. One minute I think that working in the fashion industry would be my idea of my dream job, the next it's all about working within the finance sector and then I have a complete twist and decide that I'd love to be a teacher. So all in all I have absolutely no idea really however there are elements and things that I really love that I would love to be present in my "dream job" - whatever that shall be. 

First of all I love to write! It can be absolutely about anything. Factual, fiction, rubbish, ramblings, about me, about you but as long as I'm writing something then I'm pretty much in my element. I often dream about one day having a novel that's published but the likelihood is small of that ever happening as I start writing a book then never get round to finishing it but you should never say never I suppose.

The second element that my dream job would include would be travelling and exploring different countries! Although I like to have my home, my base, my comfort zone I do love the thrill of leaving everything behind and having the chance to explore new cultures and countries. Plus the different people you'd get to meet would be absolutely amazing. 

So when you put these two together the logical answer to what my dream job would be is a travel writer - getting paid to write and travel would be like a dream come true. I suppose there's no reason it couldn't end up being my job - anything is possible!!!


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