Friday, 10 May 2013

Travel Dreams

This has to be the easiest post for me since starting the Blog Every Day Of May Challenge! 

My travel aspirations/dreams whatever you want to call them only have one clear final destination of where I would or where I am hopefully one day going to end up - Australia. For as long as I can remember it's the one place in the world that I have wanted to visit and travel and explore with ultimately potentially living there although maybe not forever for certainly for a good period of time. 

I love holidays and although it wouldn't be the same travelling the experiences and the places you'd get to see would be amazing! As well as Australia I do have my 'Hit List of Countries/Cities to Visit' here are some of the places on the list so far: 

- Spain - Barcelona - Madrid-
-New York-
-New Zealand-

This is just a few of the places where I want to go and see and explore and be able to enjoy! One of my favourite past times it's discovering new places and cultures the only things stopping me currently are uni and lack of funds so I'm giving myself a deadline hopefully ticking some of the places of my list by May 2015. By then I will have finished uni and hopefully (fingers crossed) actually have cash! 


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  1. hope you visit them all hun, i would love the experience new cultures, i think it would be life changing. mad that there is so much out there that we have not seen ... i may book short trip to somewhere in europe this yr. i cnt remember the last time i left wales lol