Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Item Of The Day

Festival vibe clothes that are brightly coloured, simple and easy to wear are what makes up my summer wardrobe. I love being able to chuck on a maxi skirt with a basic, un-kept hair and sandals and just lounge about also it doesn't matter how messy you look in the sun you can always pull it off. So as a result I'm always looking for items that fall into this category and with the sun being ever more present it means I've upped my hunt and Boohoo have provided the perfect skirt for my summer collection!

(All images from www.Boohoo.com)

This midi aztec skirt is a bargain at £18.00 and comes in sizes 8-14. Available here. Check www.boohoo.com out for more great summer buys at great prices as well as their latest collection is really strong.

Any of you got any summer buys in mind yet?


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