Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wednesday Wisdom: The Pocket Book Of Positives

Sometimes when life is a bit crap and nothing is really making a difference I like to have a flick through this 'reassuring companion' to lighten my mood. And actually I read it sometimes when I'm feeling great because it makes me feel even more ready to go out and take on the world.

The pages are full of really positive and uplifting quotes and for me when I read something really positive it instantly lifts my mood 100 times over!

There are literally hundreds of quotes in the book which are split between 6 sections-

- Celebrating You
- Positive Change
- Life's Simple Pleasures
- The Great and The Good
- Silver Linings
- The Power of Laughter

With the different sections it helps for you to be able to go to the section that is most relevant to you at the time you reach for the book or you can just flick through and lucky dip what page you end up. 

I would definitely recommend this book as even if you don't reach for it, it looks quite good on the bookshelf.

The Pocket Book of Positives is available from Amazon.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Beauty Bargains: Soap & Glory Fragrance Mists

I am an impulse shopper and I know I am but it's something I've always been but it seems that I am even more of an impulse shopper when I see a clearance, reduced or sale sign. I would say it's not even impulse that puts the product/thing/stuff into my basket, it's just boom suddenly sub consciously I'm at the counter with a basket full of items.

So when I saw these Soap & Glory Fragrance Mists reduced to £1.75 each I just had to put them all in my basket. I am such a fan of fragrances, sprays and perfumes - anything scented because I don't know I always feel better after a little spritz of something. 

The four fragrances are -

- Orageasm Super Tonic Fragrance

- Mist You Madly Fragrance Mist (Fressia, Cassis & Vanilla)
-Fruitigo Frangrance Mist (Yuzu Fruit & Wild Fig)
-Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist (Sweet Lime & Vanilla Musk)

These aren't available online but if you pop into your local Boots then they may still have some in stock. I have to say before I got these I didn't get all the hype over the Sugar Crush Scent but I think it's my favourite one!


Friday, 17 June 2016

Book Chat: Dark Places By Gillian Flynn

Dark Places is another book from the author of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn and is the book that for the last 3 months I have been picking up and putting down hoping I'll eventually get to the end - something I haven't found particularly easy. I own Gone Girl and have been told how great the book is however as of yet I haven't got round to reading it purely because of the vast amount of books that are already on my 'To Read List'. 

The same as Gone Girl, Dark Places also has a film based on the book but my sister has warned me that I shouldn't waste my time as although the film has a pretty good cast - Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Hoult and Chloe Grace Moretz - the film itself isn't really that great. Pretty much I feel about the book itself.

The plot line itself is why I was so interested in reading the book in the first place -

"Libby's brother Ben is in prison for the murders of their mother and two sisters. This happened when Libby was just 7 years old and it was Libby's evidence that got Ben convicted of the murders. Now some years later there's a club called 'The Kill Club' who are obsessed with finding out about crimes that have committed and they believe that Ben is innocent. They therefore reach out to Libby and start paying her to relive and investigate exactly what happened all those years ago believing that because of her age at the time that she was wrong about Ben committing the murders."

This is a book that has great foundations and suspense but leaves a sour taste in your mouth at the end because the it just doesn't fit - in my opinion - with the tone of the rest of the book. It's almost half expected and there are quite a few flaws with it, some of you may disagree but for me this was a book that promised but just didn't quite deliver.

If you have read Dark Places then let me know what your opinion of the book is and also how you feel about Gone Girl.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Budget Beauty: The £1 Body & Face Cooling Mist

Last summer facial water sprays had their moments to shine and I am so grateful that I discovered them when I did because as someone who isn't great with heat they were the perfect cool me down. Everyone from Avene to Evian had their own facial water spray/mist/etc type product however some of these were pretty pricey i.e the cheapest priced Avene is around £3.00 in most stores for 50ml spray. 

So I welcome you to my latest budget beauty discovery - Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist priced at £1.00 (yes seriously) for 150ml available from Savers. Although the formula isn't quite as slick as say Avene whereby this doesn't sinks into the skin as soon as it is sprayed, for the price difference I think I will be able to cope with that. This will be my budget alternative this summer.

Now please sun make an appearance for me!


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Skincare Treats

Half Price + Double Points Voucher = Skincare treats for myself from Superdrug! And I'm quite pleased with my purchases!

This product is amazing! I have just finished using up my last jar of this and I can honestly say my skin feels so good after using this. I've previously used Clinique Moisture Surge and this for me gives very similar results - with a much lower price point. 

The packaging is in a glass jar which gives the product a nice more premium touch and the gel formula just really works for me! Massive thumbs up for this little jar of wonder!

I am a huge fan of facial water sprays that help cool you down when it's hot and don't make a mess of your make up but this product from Superdrug's B.Confident range is apparently an 'Instant skin Reviver'. 

Now I haven't really had a chance to give this a good test out yet but so far I've found that is sinks into the skin quickly, no spray lingering and not setting in but I really can't stand the smell. And I can't really describe it either but maybe it will grow on me after a bit of use.

My final skincare treat is from Olay and this is from their Hydration range. The product I picked up was the 2 in 1 Lightweight Lotion with SPF 15 which was probably the selling point for me. I have a lot of moisturisers/lotions/creams but actually not that contain an SPF and with it being summer - when it gets here - it's so important to have an SPF.

Another thing I love about Olay is the classic smell which always reminds of my mum who has used Olay products for as long as I can remember. P.S the mini bottle size makes it extra cute to stick on my dressing table :).


Friday, 10 June 2016

This T-Shirt is Bananas

I always try to avoid going into the shops after a stressful day at work because it's at these times that I am probably likely to purchase things that A- I don't need and B- I probably already own something similar and  C- I probably can't afford it! However I still end up going into the shops anyway and around 99% of the time end up purchasing. 

My chosen shop this time was Zara and I didn't exactly go mad but I did buy some welcome additions to my wardrobe/perfume collection.

I used to be a dress only girl - it was a rare for you to find me in anything else but over the last year I've really got into wearing trousers/jeans and that has meant I've expanded my top collection and I am constantly on the hunt for easy to wear t-shirts and Zara is amazing for this. And also not as expensive as you may think either!

So the first thing that caught my eye was the banana print t-shirt and it just screamed summer at me! It's such a fun print and at £5.99 it was pretty much a done deal and perfect for those days when you don't want to really dress up but you don't want to be boring and bland either!

My second purchase was a black, longer length t-shirt with white writing along it stating - 'Inhale the Future Exhale the Past'.

This top was another reasonably priced at £7.99 and I totally get sucked in with slogan t-shirts so this was an absolute must have.

And the final purchase was a set of two perfumes in the scents Femme and Red Vanilla which were priced at £7.99 for two 30ml bottles. These are just easy to wear scents that will live in my handbag or in my locker at work as Zara fragrances are reasonably priced and so I don't mind if I use them on a day to day basis and the bonus is that Zara have a really nice range of scents in their collection. 


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Products: MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Blush & Bronze

MUA seem to be releasing new products on what feels like a weekly basis and I absolutely love it even if my bank balance is often screaming at me when I check it. The latest editions are the Pixel Perfect Multi Blush & Bronze which are absolutely stunning. 

There are 4 blush shades in the collection and I picked up Pink Blossom and Peach Bloom and there's also 2 bronzes in the collection with the shade Terracotta Glow being the one I picked up. My favourite shade is Pink Blossom as it's a nice natural pink and really makes you glow whereas I feel that the Peach Bloom and Terracotta Glow are better for someone who has a slight tan as they both were quite orange on my skin.

Pink Blossom -

Peach Bloom - 

Terracotta Glow - 

With these blushes and bronzer the one thing I have noticed when using them are that you really have whirl your brush around a few times in the pan to get a good amount of product on your brush so that it shows up on your skin. Apart from that these are quite a nice product and for £3.00 they aren't a bad price at all.