Friday, 10 June 2016

This T-Shirt is Bananas

I always try to avoid going into the shops after a stressful day at work because it's at these times that I am probably likely to purchase things that A- I don't need and B- I probably already own something similar and  C- I probably can't afford it! However I still end up going into the shops anyway and around 99% of the time end up purchasing. 

My chosen shop this time was Zara and I didn't exactly go mad but I did buy some welcome additions to my wardrobe/perfume collection.

I used to be a dress only girl - it was a rare for you to find me in anything else but over the last year I've really got into wearing trousers/jeans and that has meant I've expanded my top collection and I am constantly on the hunt for easy to wear t-shirts and Zara is amazing for this. And also not as expensive as you may think either!

So the first thing that caught my eye was the banana print t-shirt and it just screamed summer at me! It's such a fun print and at £5.99 it was pretty much a done deal and perfect for those days when you don't want to really dress up but you don't want to be boring and bland either!

My second purchase was a black, longer length t-shirt with white writing along it stating - 'Inhale the Future Exhale the Past'.

This top was another reasonably priced at £7.99 and I totally get sucked in with slogan t-shirts so this was an absolute must have.

And the final purchase was a set of two perfumes in the scents Femme and Red Vanilla which were priced at £7.99 for two 30ml bottles. These are just easy to wear scents that will live in my handbag or in my locker at work as Zara fragrances are reasonably priced and so I don't mind if I use them on a day to day basis and the bonus is that Zara have a really nice range of scents in their collection. 


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