Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dream Job

Thinking of what your dream job is something I find really difficult as I'm such an indecisive person who constantly changes her mind like the wind. One minute I think that working in the fashion industry would be my idea of my dream job, the next it's all about working within the finance sector and then I have a complete twist and decide that I'd love to be a teacher. So all in all I have absolutely no idea really however there are elements and things that I really love that I would love to be present in my "dream job" - whatever that shall be. 

First of all I love to write! It can be absolutely about anything. Factual, fiction, rubbish, ramblings, about me, about you but as long as I'm writing something then I'm pretty much in my element. I often dream about one day having a novel that's published but the likelihood is small of that ever happening as I start writing a book then never get round to finishing it but you should never say never I suppose.

The second element that my dream job would include would be travelling and exploring different countries! Although I like to have my home, my base, my comfort zone I do love the thrill of leaving everything behind and having the chance to explore new cultures and countries. Plus the different people you'd get to meet would be absolutely amazing. 

So when you put these two together the logical answer to what my dream job would be is a travel writer - getting paid to write and travel would be like a dream come true. I suppose there's no reason it couldn't end up being my job - anything is possible!!!


News:H & M

For Blog Every Day Of May I thought for the news post I would do a fashion story as it fits in with my blog so I decided on the story of H & M being accused of having 'no shame' with claims that their latest collection is near enough identical to that of Celine, Balenciaga and Kenzo. The article featured on The Daily Mail's website this week explains how there's a feeling that some of H & M's latest collection this year is almost been copied from the designer's catwalks of the season. 

Left: Kenzo Tiger Jumper $255
Right: H & M Tiger Sweater
(Images from

So although undeniably similar is is possible that merely H & M have seeked inspiration from the catwalk?  It surely cannot be said that they are copying when near enough most items of clothing are similar to other items that have already been created these days? And is there only a fuss being kicked up because it's a designer item that has apparently been copied? If it had been the other way round would have much a fuss been made of the designers copying the high street?

Read the full article here.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Christmas Day Tradition

There aren't really many traditions that me and my family keep to but one tradition that we very much keep is to make sure that we spend Christmas together! There hasn't been a Christmas that I haven't spent at home and the thought one year not spending it at home does fill me with a feeling of sadness and dread. I won't be able to be the first one up who then wakes everyone up or have to wait for my sister to finish opening her presents as she always takes longer than me even though we have the same amount of presents.

We always get up at a reasonably early time, get our dressing gowns on and go downstairs and start opening our presents! Then as I've got up so early (I can't do early mornings) so always have a little nap whilst my mum's preparing the dinner. So have about an hour and then go get showered, do my hair and get dressed and ready to eat.

Then after dinner it's just a case of slobbing out after demolishing the turkey roast and watch TV before getting into m pj' later on and watching Christmas TV whilst enjoying an alcoholic drink. Whilst it's not the most exciting of Christmas Days for me it's important as it's a family tradition of how we spend our day together!

Our family Christmas tree.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Topshop Wish List

I have never done a wishlist before but I decided to do one on Polyvore (which is fab) and I decided upon doing a Topshop wishlist!!! So here's what I'm lusting after.

Topshop Wish List
Jones and Jones Green Dress £60.00/Gladiator Sandals £40.00/Kissing Giraffe Skirt £38.00/Safari Zoo Backpack  £34.00/Floral Trousers £68.00.
(Images from


Item Of The Day

Haven't done an Item Of The Day post for a while as I've just been so busy with uni work mainly the dreaded revision but I'm aiming to get back on track and do some more regular posts!!!
Today's item is a dress from Boohoo and at £20.00 is a good buy!

Aztec Dress.£20.00.Boohoo.Available here.
(Image from


Best Friends

Best friends is a difficult topic for me as throughout the years I've had many best friends who I no longer talk to. I had one best friend through the most of secondary school who I ended up having an argument with at our year 11 prom and subsequently haven't spoken to since - that was about 7 years ago but now I tend to have really good friends and I have a small group of people who I class as some of my best friends. I don't have an individual best friend. Here are some of the people who I genuinely just love and class as really good friends. 

Amber and James :

These guys are two of my really good friends that I first met 4 years ago when I first started uni. I met them through quite a random event (something I won't go into detail about) but we seemed to just hit it off and have been pretty much friends ever since. Our lives combined used to resemble a comedy show - we always joked that our lives was as eventful as a scripted reality show minus the script! Our nights out always have an element of drama and although we no longer actually live in the same place I definitely know that these guys are friends that I will have for life!!!


This girl is something that I could go for months without contact but when we do meet up it's like I saw her yesterday. After first meeting at work 7 years ago we have been friends ever since! I'd love to see her more but unfortunately due to not living near her anymore and her working full time I'm pretty much limited to the times that I can see her however that doesn't change how much I see her as a friend and she certainly knows that!


So in the past few months me and Ronnie haven't really been all that close - a typical he gets a girlfriend syndrome but still I wouldn't ever say that he hasn't been a good friend to me even if lately it hasn't felt like it. I know that every friendship hits a point where there basically is just no time for each other because of commitments but that doesn't change that I'd say he has definitely been one of the best friends I could have asked for.


So me and this girl have known each other for about 3 years but only in the last year have we got to a point where we have are really good friends so much so that from July we are going to be flatmates - a new stage in our friendship. Gemma is genuinely lovely and always there for a laugh, cry or just purely a trip to the pub to drink wine :). A good friend to have.

The Lovely Work Girlies - Jasmine, Sophie & Hollie

Without these girls I think my weekends at work would be so much duller! They certainly cheer me up and make it worth going to work - even if sometimes we do all distract each other! Love these girlies and my weekly catch ups with them.

And there are so many other people who I class as genuinely really good friends. For me it's best to have a group of best friends instead of just one best friend! 


Walk To Work

So I decided that maybe my walk to work just wasn't worthy of a pictures as it really isn't that interesting so this is going to be a short post. Instead I thought I'd list the things I come across and see on my walk!

Titanic Museum 
Traffic Lights (Lots of them)
Cars and People (Sometimes)

What I would like to experience on the way to work:

A beach in a nice hot sunny country

Maybe one day I will experience that even if it were to only be for a short time.


How I Treat Myself

I really can't pretend I'm a fan of pampering as such but I don't mind ever mind treating myself which in my opinion is pretty much my version of pampering. I've never really liked all the fussy girly pampering treats - a day at a spa has never been something that has really interested me I'd much rather a shopping trip as a way to treat myself. 

I enjoy shopping and to me it's a treat especially if I'm shopping alone as I can browse at my own pace and on my own terms - I don't have to consider that someone else might be getting bored! Now I'm not saying I don't like shopping with other people, I do much prefer the company but if I'm having a bad day then I do just like to have a bit of a wonder into town on a whim and have a little look. It instantly cheers me up, gets me out the house and makes me instantly think of something else rather than the crap day I've been having. 

Another way I treat myself is by just simply getting into my pj's, watching episodes of some of my favourite TV programmes such as; Alias, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game to name but a few. I like to lie in my bed, watch some TV, eat some crisps and just not think about anything else! This way I can just be sucked in by the world of TV and not have to think about anything else.

So although the ways that I see myself as pampering myself aren't maybe seen as being conventional to some I myself see this as being how I treat myself and relax and after trying and testing these ways out I can definitely say they do work! 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blog Sale

So I'm moving out my house in around 6 weeks and due to the stupid amounts of stuff that I have I have decided to have a mass Blog Sale of some of my things! I literally have so much stuff that I've decided that this just simply needs to be done! Here's the first Blog Sale (more to come)! If you like any of the items then pop a comment on the post along with your email and I'll contact you! :)

Crafted @ Republic Boots Size 4 £10.00 - Brand New

Plus £3.50 P & P

New Look Green Heels Size 5 £4.00 - Brand New

Plus £3.50 P & P

Miso @ Republic Pink Clutch £6.00 - Brand New

£3.00 P & P

Topshop Cut Out Petite Dress Size 8 £8.00 - Worn Once

Plus £3.00 P & P

Primark Limited Edition Bodycon Dress Size 8 £4.00

Plus £3.00 P & P

 H & M Fashion Against Aids Reversible Kimono Size 10 - Brand New

£15.00 plus £3.00 P & P

Will be adding more items soon so keeping looking! Am open to offers on Items as well so don't hesitate!!!


(Please note - item descriptions crossed through have already gone!)

(Please note - items descriptions this colour and crossed through are pending!)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Life's a Lesson

The single most important lesson that I have learnt in life - 

"Learning the hard way is often the best way".

The harder you learn something the more you appreciate it when you get the results that you anticipated or expected/unexpected. If we all got handed everything to us readily then we wouldn't learn or accomplish anything ourselves. To me it's important that anything I accomplish I know I've worked hard at to get!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

June Bug

So for Day 14 of the Blog Every Day of May challenge it's all about food and for me nothing goes better with food that cocktails - something which I just love! Nothing beats a cocktail in the sun and when I don't have that option nothing beats a June Bug Cocktail which I'd say is my favourite discovery of a cocktail yet! So I thought today I'd basically just give the recipe for a June Bug Cocktail!

June Bug
Midori 30ml
Malibu 15ml
Banana Liqueur 15ml
Pineapple Juice 60ml
Lemon Juice 30ml

(Image and recipe from

What's your favourite cocktail?


How Green Am I?

So apart from green being my favourite colour environment and carbon footprint wise I'm not very green! I won't lie it's not good to be part of the generation that want everything and anything right at that very point. I am definitely the worst when it comes to packaging for example bottled water is my biggest downfall. I must got through about 50 bottles a month at least and this is definitely not very green of me. 

Also food packaging generally I am lazy and won't lie if it's effort I won't do it so the extra effort of having to put the cardboard in the recycling bin I just put it in with the normal waste (naughty I know). My excuse - I don't have one I'm just lazy. But one thing I will say is that where I can I try and not use or take plastic bags from shops - it's only a minor thing but I do believe that if everyone had to pay the bag tax like they do in Wales everywhere else then there definitely would be a lower amount of plastic bags taken and used. Maybe one day it will become the same everywhere else. 

After writing and realising I think it's safe to say I do need to change my ways because although change won't happen just with me changing my ways it can help contribute towards change and if we all do our bit then we can help to maintain the environment!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

What do I collect?

Today's Blog Every Day Of May Topic is all about collecting and what you collect and I have to say that I literally collect everything and anything. It all started from when I was younger and I had the Beanie Baby Collecting obsession to becoming a teenager and collecting posters of my favourite bands/singers right through to now where I literally find it difficult to pinpoint in particular what I collect but these photo's maybe give you an insight into what I enjoy buying which therefore to me constitutes collecting.

Beauty products and jewellery are definitely top of my lists of what I like to have vast amounts of as well as books and dvd's. I enjoy having lots of clutter in my life and although I know not everyone likes it to me it's the clutter that can make your room and your home a home. I definitely won't be stopping collecting the clutter anytime soon!


Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am such a book lover but I'm more someone who buys loads of books, stacks them up and never gets round to reading them which is one of the main reasons I'm wanting to buy a Kindle so I won't have the storage problem anymore! But anyway I find it hard to narrow down my favourite books and due to lack of time (going out in the minute) I don't have time to name all my favourite books. 

However by the far the best books I have ever read is Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses and the subsequent books that followed on in sequence being: Knife Edge, Double Cross and Check Mate. If you have never read these books then you are definitely missing out - these books will make you look at everything completely different and once you start reading you won't want to stop! 


Friday, 10 May 2013

Travel Dreams

This has to be the easiest post for me since starting the Blog Every Day Of May Challenge! 

My travel aspirations/dreams whatever you want to call them only have one clear final destination of where I would or where I am hopefully one day going to end up - Australia. For as long as I can remember it's the one place in the world that I have wanted to visit and travel and explore with ultimately potentially living there although maybe not forever for certainly for a good period of time. 

I love holidays and although it wouldn't be the same travelling the experiences and the places you'd get to see would be amazing! As well as Australia I do have my 'Hit List of Countries/Cities to Visit' here are some of the places on the list so far: 

- Spain - Barcelona - Madrid-
-New York-
-New Zealand-

This is just a few of the places where I want to go and see and explore and be able to enjoy! One of my favourite past times it's discovering new places and cultures the only things stopping me currently are uni and lack of funds so I'm giving myself a deadline hopefully ticking some of the places of my list by May 2015. By then I will have finished uni and hopefully (fingers crossed) actually have cash! 


Thursday, 9 May 2013


So today's post for Blogging Every Day Of May is all about your favourite social media channel and Twitter is definitely my favourite! I just love to tweet about everything and anything! When I think about how much time I actually waste tweeting and reading other people's tweets it suddenly dawns on me the amount of things I could be doing rather than tweeting but will I? Probably not. Twitter is just a way of life now.

Whereas if you do more than 1 status a day on Facebook you really just stand to annoying your friends by spamming up their news feed on Twitter that really doesn't matter as that is the whole point! I also just prefer the way that Twitter generally is which is so much easier to interact and I don't feel the same annoyance or hassle with it like I do with Facebook.

For me Facebook's a great tool if you want to set up groups for Uni work or friends or even events - let's face it saves money, time, effort and the environment. It's also great for putting your pictures up so that they're stored somewhere for you to see although I would prefer if I had this option of a private online album that I could log onto instead of everyone seeing all of the pictures I upload. It's also pretty good for reminding you of people's birthdays especially when you have a memory like mine.

But all of this for me still doesn't beat Twitter and the fact that I can literally tweet sitting on the toilet if I wanted to (not that I do) and wouldn't be judged because whatever I tweet there's always going to be a weirder tweet by someone else. Just the joys of Twitter really and why it's my favourite!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Item Of The Day

I really want to treat myself myself to a new pair of shoes but at the moment I'm in the middle of having a Spring Clean out so I'm resisting the temptation to purchase however this doesn't stop me having a sneak peak online and my excuse is of course Item Of The Day which of course requires my favourite items from online stores to feature!

So you guessed it today the chosen destination from which my item is from is Chockers which can only mean SHOES and this pair are certainly worth being featured!!!

Rosie Wedge Shoe. £30.00. Availble here.
(Image from

So this shoe is very high in fact 5.7 inches according to the stats of the shoe so with this I'd be 5ft 8/9 inches which would be ridiculous and would definitely mean no wearing out when with my boyfriend but for £30.00 I definitely think they're a bargain! I'm in love!!!


First Job

So I don't know if you'd really class it as a job but at 13 I got the obligatory paper round that you get when your younger and it was my first taste of earning my own actual cash - a feeling I'd never had before. It first started at about £4.80 for a Sunday round and then after about 2 years it went up to £5.00 for the Sunday round! I only ever did a Sunday round due to being too lazy to get up at 6.30am every morning!

Then when I was 14 I got what you would call my first "proper job" and it felt so good the freedom that it gave me but it was bloody hard work that's for sure. I worked in a kitchen in a pub just washing up dishes and although I used to come home smelling disgusting with horrible greasy hair I did enjoy it in a funny way. A sense of routine and something to do. Although at the time I thought it was a fortune I was only getting £3.50 per hour but to me that seemed like such a lot of money!

Then later on they moved me onto doing waitressing but I wasn't such a fan of that and after nearly spilling soup down a customer I decided that maybe that wasn't the right job for me. Luckily they moved me back into the kitchen after a few months. It's true what they say you do always remember your first job it's never necessarily the best job but it's certainly gave me a taste for hard work and the rewards that you get for it! 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Item Of The Day

Festival vibe clothes that are brightly coloured, simple and easy to wear are what makes up my summer wardrobe. I love being able to chuck on a maxi skirt with a basic, un-kept hair and sandals and just lounge about also it doesn't matter how messy you look in the sun you can always pull it off. So as a result I'm always looking for items that fall into this category and with the sun being ever more present it means I've upped my hunt and Boohoo have provided the perfect skirt for my summer collection!

(All images from

This midi aztec skirt is a bargain at £18.00 and comes in sizes 8-14. Available here. Check out for more great summer buys at great prices as well as their latest collection is really strong.

Any of you got any summer buys in mind yet?


Happy Me

So I read a comment of one of my posts yesterday from the lovely Emma from Fab Head To Toe that she'd nominated me for a Liebster Award which is nominated by other bloggers for blogs that have under 200 followers (if you get me). I am so grateful to Emma and feel so lucky so now here goes on my turn on passing the Liebster Award on! 

The Rules are as follows:

Each blogger needs to answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated them.
List 11 random facts about yourself.
Choose 11 bloggers to nominate for the award and go to their respective blogs and tell them.
Choose 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
No Tag Backs.

11 Random Facts About Me

I have too many clothes and shoes.
I have an unhealthy addiction to ebay.
I'm always trying to detox.
I love and eat far too many packets of crisps.
I miss Devon even though I never want to move back there.
I dream constantly about owning a beautiful Mulberry Bayswater.
I rarely wear make up - it scares me.
I want to one day live in Australia.
I never drink tea or coffee. 
I will always try win an argument.
I am scared of open and unlocked doors.

Questions and Answers

What is your favourite type of post to read?

I'm guessing this is in terms of blog posts and my favourite is fashion posts mainly outfits of the day or people's wishlists as a way of gaining inspiration. 

Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Silver?

Silver! I have always preferred Silver to Gold mainly because of budget wise but also because it suits my style and also there is such a vast amount of choice for it whereas the others there isn't always the range of styles available for example in rings. 

Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Jason Statham all the way! The Transporter films are some of my faves.

Have you ever dyed your hair?


What is your go to outfit?

Floral Dress! Colder weather floral tea dress dressed with tights and boots and a cardigan and chunky coat and in the warmer weather maxi dress with sandals and a denim jacket depending on how warm it is.

What is your favourite movie?

I don't really have favourites but one of the classics I love is Breakfast At Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn is criminally stunning and a timeless beauty.

What is your most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Proabably my Boden Duffle Coat.

Do you wear make up every day?


What's your favourite scent?

Marc Jacobs Dot

Candle or Reed Diffuser?

Reed Diffuser 

Are you like your star sign?

I don't really pay attention to my star sign so I don't  know the answer to that one!

My nominees

Kerry from Fashion and Flame
Christina from Kimi and Me
Holly from Hey Holly June
Rachel from Rachel White
Harriet from Blush and Bunting

My Questions

Beauty or Hair Products?
Most expensive beauty product you've ever bought?
Favourite pair of shoes?
What's your favourite item on clothing in your wardrobe?
If you had £1000 to spend on anything what would you spend it on?
Picnics in the country or Day out to the beach in the sun?
Who is your celebrity fashion crush?
Where is your ideal holiday destination?
Who's your go to person for style advice?
Favourite song of the moment?
Pepsi or Coke?

So there's my mixed bag of questions for you to all to answer and I'll be checking out your blogs to see what your answers are :).



So I'm not so big on pets.

I've had fish in the past and a budgie and some finches but really apart from that pets have ever been part of my life mainly because my mum isn't a huge fan!

I always fantasise about having a dog but I won't lie this probably won't happen as I'd be too scared of it trashing my house.

Hopefully however one day I'll be able to buy a horse. I've been riding since I was 4 and I'd love nothing better than owning my own horse which I could ride whenever I'd want.

Definitely have something to aim for in life!

Image from


Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Fun - What even is that?

So bank holiday fun is literally a case of me asking all you out there - what that even is? I have the joy of working nearly every bank holiday due to my work contract so this is my day -

9.30 (due to be being late) till 6.30 - the joys of work!

6.30 till 7.15 - came home to shower, put my washing on and get ready to go out!

7.15 till 9.15(ish) - BBQ with some friends.

So now as I write this at 10.28 (according to my laptop clock) I am sat in bed with my boyfriend ready for a good nights sleep. 

Sorry for the short post but I really don't have interesting bank holidays unfortunately so I'll try and do something interesting this week to make up for it! No promises though.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fit and Healthy

3 months ago something inside me clicked and I realised even though I was skinny I was ridiculously unfit and that I needed to do something about it so I decided to take up running. Now I used to do a bit of running when I was younger but I hadn't ran for about 7 years properly (apart from randomly running sport relief last year) so I won't lie that before that first run with my boyfriend I was nervous as hell. Shaking and everything. Just pure panic. And it didn't go so well! It made me realise how unfit I actually was but I carried on with complete determination that I could get better. 

On Sunday 17th March 2013 I did a 10km run for Age UK called Wrap Up and Run which was something I never thought in a million years I'd be able to do but I did it. To be honest as I'm pretty much in my opinion allergic to exercise I think it came as a surprise to everyone especially my mum and the rest of my family. To be honest my mum was probably in complete shock that I was going to attempt to it but I had motivation in the form of my boyfriend. 
Even though he's a bit of a task master and does get a bit annoyed when I stop mid flow I don't think without him I'd have had the motivation or the determination to do it but I did. Plus when he turned around the night before and said that he didn't think I'd be able to do it due to being in bed with flu the week that made me even more determined that I would finish it one way or another!!! My time was just over an hour (pretty annoying) and I didn't stop till I reached 8km when I literally just couldn't run any more but all in all I finished and it was the one of the best feeling afterwards of achievement I think I've ever felt as well as relief that I could now rest.

I've been a bit slack recently but this week I'm going to start running again as I'm aiming to do the Race For Life 10km in under an hour and also at the same time raise money for a great cause. There really is no better feeling that crossing the finish line after working your legs as hard as you can and I look forward to experiencing that feeling again in July.


Friday, 3 May 2013

5 Favourite Blogs

To do a post about my 5 Favourite Blogs is really difficult as every blog has a quirk and something unique about them that makes me read and follow them so this is something that I genuinely have had to give a significant amount of thought to in order to be able to write this post but I think I've got some of the 5 that I regularly read so they must be my favourites I suppose.


I absolutely love this blog and Jade who writes it is lovely as well. 
She's always posts brilliant outfits of the day that I would love to be able to wear in the chic way she does but I don't quite think I can. 
She also has a DIY section on her blog and is always posting about new items and giving a run down of her favourite items! 
If you haven't already then definitely check out this blog it's definitely worth it!


Emma covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her blog and the great thing about her blog is the constant stream of new material which I just love. I love reading her new posts and they are always full of something interesting! Emma's blog has grown since it first started and I for one hope the same happens to mine.


Meg is something I really admire and I love how she's created her blog to "destroy the prejudices" people have over sufferers of depression and anxiety. I know how this feels after suffering from depression for many years and the fact that Megan doesn't hide it and writes truthfully about it but there's also the fun elements of her blog that just show why we shouldn't be labelled.
Check her out as this is truly one of the best reads of a blog about!


Robyn's blog is the first stop I go to for inspiration on affordable fashion and for outfit combinations when I'm literally so stuck to what to wear. 
She puts the outfits together that I'd never think of and also buys items that I'm unsure about but once she's styled them up I'm instantly regretting the decision to not buy them.
This girl can make anything look good!


Now not only does Chloe have brilliant name but she has a brilliant blog! There's such a varied range of posts that she creates that you never know what's going to be her next posts!
I love how she not only does fashion but beauty as well as I'm a person who equally loves both!
I love her Sunday round ups and I just simply think if you haven't read her blog you are simply missing out!

Jade, Emma, Meg, Robyn and Chloe all made it into my top 5 because I just love their blogs and find them so interesting to read - I hate to think I've missed out on a post from any of them! But 
As a newbie to blogging I look at their blogs for tips, help and inspiration for how my blog can develop as it gets older.
My advice is to get reading these blogs now because you really don't want to miss out on any of these five!
There are also so many other blogs out there that I love to read just unfortunately I can only name five.


This is my day

So today's topic for BEDM is a day in your life! And well today is unlike any other day for me especially with being a uni student apart from unusually I don't have a hangover due to currently being on a detox. But basically this is the first things I consult when I get up is my laptop and my to do book!

Basically I have to write everything down because I have one of the worst memories possible and then I look at it first thing in the morning so I know what I have to do that day.
Then I have the task of washing my hair - something that really annoys me before having to go to uni for my last ever European Business Environment Lesson! Yay! Then I had to meet my friend and go to the letting agents for next years flat about some paperwork and some questions we had to ask them that simply they didn't know (useless).
After then it was a stop to the pub where I broke my detox:
Which I'm being slightly regretful about now but will just have to make up with exercise in the week! The BBQ and catching up with friends certainly made it worth it but now my bed calls and I won't lie it's the best feeling of the day - even if I only get a few hours sleep before a beautiful full day of moaning customers tomorrow! Yay for retail!!!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Website Of The Week

I am absolutely in love with and it's prices hence why it's my Website Of The Week! With reasonable prices that would put Primark to shame and free delivery on orders over £15.00 I can see why this website is a go to for many. Here's my top items that I just can't wait to get my hands on but I can assure you there are so many more things that I want and one look at this website and you'll no doubt be exactly the same!
Block Heel Boots.£14.99.Available here.
Floral Skater Dress. £7.99. Available here.
Bodycon Cityscape Dress.£12.99.Available here.


Item Of The Day

My Item Of The Day was found when I was flicking through some blogs last night and came across who had done a competition entry for the Ted Baker Blogger Competition (that I need to find more about) and found the absolute most perfect dress!
I have been looking for a dress like this for such a long time and literally think that even though the price tag is £159 that this dress just needs to be in my wardrobe!
What do you think?

Ranni Dress.£159.Ted Baker. Available here.
(Image from
Dress also available in black/


Spring Is Here!

Spring! So today's Blog Every Day of May Post is all about Spring and to be honest I never really like it that much. As a student it's one of the most stressful times as you're having to make sure all your deadlines are in and then after that I have to make sure that I'm revising enough whilst all my friends who's courses have finished way before mine are out there enjoying themselves. 

But this year I've set my motions in action early and already started the tedious revision process a good 4 weeks beforehand instead of the usual panic motions I have around a week before the exam and still do nothing till about 3 days before but this year I'm on track. Plus spring is perfect for having a "Spring Clean" something I will certainly be having as I desperately need to get rid of some of my stuff as currently my room is literally overflowing.

By far my favourite thing about Spring is when the dull drab colours of Winter are put away and I get out all my bright floral dresses and summer sandals and I feel a sudden lift that the bad weather is behind us. Of course I live in England so there's going to be rain still (it's a given) but it's knowing that the snow won't be coming back which is never a bad thing!

Spring is the start of the Summer so even though I have a lot of work to do between now and then it doesn't mean I can't embrace it everything that's good and I love about Spring and to do that I might just need to purchase this perfect Spring Dress from Asos! 

Asos Embellished Shift. £85.00. Available here.
(Image from
So what are you all thinking about Spring? 
Does this time of the year excite you?
Or are you simply waiting for Summer to come knocking?


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5 Lines

So I'm not one for really being consistent even though I  try but when I heard about Rosalilium challenge of Blogging Every Day of Day or #BEDM (on Twitter) then I knew that it would certainly be challenge for me to make sure I did a blog  post every day and I'm rather excited to see how I do considering it's the month of May which for me is basically deadlines and exams boo!

Anyway today's topic of post is describing yourself in 5 lines so here goes!

My name is Chloe, 22 and currently a 2nd year student plus part time retail assistant!

I live in Southampton but originally come from Devon and I have mid length dark brown hair.

My favourite colour is green and I adore floral dresses, high heels and handbags.

I couldn't be without my family and friends who mean the world to me and who support and get me through no matter what.

One day I will own a Mulberry Bayswater and travel the world!