Saturday, 5 September 2015

New Make Up Releases That Actually Interest Me

It's not often that new make up releases genuinely catch my eye at first, it normally takes me a couple of months to catch up but over the last couple of weeks there has actually been some brand new products out there that have hooked me in and made me put my card in the dreaded chip and 

Side note to self that I MUST STOP spending on a whim.

Anyway I thought I'd share the following products with you that I have purchased and I have been quite good as there's only 4 - I was restraining myself - however there could have been more if I allowed myself to purchase a multiple of shades but I was GOOD. I haven't yet properly used any of these products but will in the future let you know of  my first impressions/how I find them!

Contour kits have been released by pretty much every other brand so it was only a matter of time before Collection go in on the action! Currently on offer for £2.79 at Superdrug which is an absolute steal and even the full price of £4.19 is really good value so definitely worth checking out.

Collection have had their 'Speedy Blushes' out for a few months now but the latest addition to the family is this beautiful highlighter which I love. It's great for when you are in a rush and it's lovely and small to be able to pop into your make up bag without taking up loads of room! This little thing is also currently on special offer for the fab price of £2.66 at Superdrug and full price will be the the rather purse friendly price of £3.99! Oh Collection! - I just don't think I'll ever outgrow you!

Sleek have just  released a range of Barekissed Illuminators in range of different shades - Monaco, Cuba, Casablanca and Pompeii priced at £9.99 available from Boots. Out of the range Monaco appealed the most because it's more a natural Illuminator whereas the others aren't really and being so pale I think this will be the best one for me! This is the new release I am most excited about so will be sure to report back.

So Sleek had another new release in the shape of this lipstick/balm product. There were 6 different shades all named after sweets and because they had no testers I randomly picked Bon Bon as it looked the most natural. Although when I got it home I wasn't that sure and I'm still undecided how I feel about the colour. Priced at £6.49 I'm undecided if it was worth or not but I'll wait and see before making a concrete decision.