Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Late Happy Christmas & Wishing You A Fantastic New Year

So my Christmas looked like this - 

With a Little bit of This - 

Hope you all had a great Christmas & I'll see you all in the New Year!!!

Happy 2014 - I hope it's even better than 2013 has been for you all!!!


Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Year Beauty Shopping List

I've long been meaning to do make some these beauty purchases for a while but due to lack of funds (Christmas is an expensive time) I haven't managed to get round to it. So instead I've compiled my list of what I am going to buy in the New Year!

Untitled #8

Real Techniques Blush Brush - £9.99 Superdrug - I've seen so many bloggers write great things about these brushes that I feel that I am missing out. As I wear blush near enough everyday - the only effort I make on a regular basis apart from concealer - I think that it would definitely be a worthy investment!

 Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. Let's Get Naked - £6.49 Superdrug/ MUA Matte Lipstick. Peachy Keen - £1.00 Superdrug - I don't think a girl can ever have enough lipsticks and I really like these 2 shades which are perfect for every day wear.

Marc Jacobs Honey - 50ml Gift Set £39.50 Boots I featured this last week on my Perfume Wishlist  but I had to include it again because I am desperate to get my hands on this if for the beautiful art piece of a bottle if nothing else (I also like the smell ALOT).

OPI Metallic Nail Polish - £11.50 John Lewis - I really like OPI nail polish whenever I've had my nails done and it lasts so much longer than the high street brands so even though it's a bit more expensive you are paying definitely paying for quality! There are lots more shades available from their UK wesbite : www.opiuk.com.

Benefit That Girl Brightening Primer - £22.50 Debenhams - Primer is a big essential for me as I often wear it on it's own as well as a make up base. I've never tried any Benefit Primers but I'd really like to try this one especially as its said to be 'Brightening' as I have horribly dull skin!

What beauty products are you all looking to buy in the New Year?
New Year New Products?


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Favourite Products Of 2013

I dread to think how much money I've spent on products this year but out of all them I definitely have my favourites that I'll be using in 2014 as well. So here's my Favourite Products Of 2013.

Favourite Products Of 2013

Friday, 20 December 2013

I Need...


Green, Large & Ted Baker = my perfect bag! 

I love the colour green, large bags are an essential for me and all the rubbish I feel I need to carry around and I love near enough everything Ted Baker! 

Perfection in a bag for the price of £149.00 - potential Christmas money purchase I think!

The RHANA - Quilted Shopper Bag from Ted Baker.

Images from www.tedbaker.com


Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Year's Eve Dress Ideas

So with New Year being less than 2 weeks away I've been looking for a dress for New Year's Eve even though I'm not a 100% sure on my plans at the moment but nevertheless it's still an excuse for a new dress and here's a few dress ideas.

Glam dresses

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Green Or Black?

I fell in love with this Jovonna Dress from Asos a while ago and I simply love everything about the dress but the only problem I'm having is deciding Green Or Black?

(Images from Asos)

I first saw the dress in Green and fell in love with it but I literally just had a little look today on Asos again and I found that they do it in black also so now I'm faced with the decision of which I prefer - Green or Black?

Green is my favourite colour but I might get more use out of the black (and it's cheaper). To be honest whatever colour is left in my size come payday I will be happy with! I'm now just hoping that one is left in my size come payday!!!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Friday, 8 November 2013

ELF Haul

I've heard so many different bloggers going on about ELF products (that's Eyes, Lips and Face for those that didn't know) that when they had a 50% discount offer over the weekend I was weak to resistance and just had to see for myself what the products were all about.

The initial cost of all my products came to just over £30.00 which would have meant free postage and packaging but the 50% off bought it to around the £15.00 the mark with Postage and Packaging came to £18.00. And I tell you for my money I got a lot of products that are still in the packaging just so I could do this post and soon as it's all written I will be doing reviews on all the products so look out for that!

So here's the bargains that I got and let me tell you opening up this package felt like Christmas had come early!!! 

(Just to warn you all my camera isn't the greatest and I have don't have much natural light so please bare with me and hopefully soon I'll have a better camera and a better place to take pictures).

My Box Of Goodies!
So as you can see above this is how my products arrived and within this box are the following items:

1- All Over Color Stick - Spotlight
2- All Over Cover Stick - Ivory
3- Lipstick - Nostalgic
4- Lip Exfloliator
5- Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
6- Therapeutic Conditioning Balm - Strawberry Creme
7- Daily Moisture Stick
8- Studio Make Up Mist & Set
9- Lip Primer & Plumper - Clear and Natural

Left to Right: All Over Cover Stick:£1.50. All Over Color Stick: £1.50.

Left to Right: Therapeutic Conditioning Balm £1.50. Lipstick £1.50. Lip Primer & Plumper: 
£3.75. Lip Exfoliator: £3.75.

Left to Right : Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter: £3.75. 
Studio Makeup Mist & Set:£3.75.Daily Moisture Stick:£8.00.

All products are available from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. Keep checking them out as they are always have new offers or follow them on Twitter @ELFCostmeticsUK to keep up to date with their latest products and offers.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Asos Wish List

So I'm currently drowning in all my uni coursework and to help me cope and ease the boredom, stress and panic I've been having a cheeky online browsing session! And right now I love the whole of ASOS so much - if only I had the budget to match my tastes! But I've compiled my current ASOS Wish List so have a little look and tell me what you think!

Asos Wish List

Top Row - Left to Right: Jacket £33.00.Dress £12.00. Skirt £36.00.
Bottom - Left to Right: Dress £50.00.Jumper Dress £40.00.Leggings £38.00.


(Please Note: All images from www.asos.com)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Long Time. No Blog.

I would love to say that I have an excuse for lack of blogging in the last month but I truly truly don't! Since coming back from this beautiful place -

- time has literally flown by that I am now entering my 6th week of my third and final (fingers crossed) year of uni! As every uni student knows the first couple of months of being back after such a long summer throws you in to absolute chaos.   
I had a nice relaxing 2 weeks of sun, sea and cocktails in Mallorca to then coming back to the miserable and dull Southampton - it's not quite the same is it??? But with it being my third year of uni I was all excited to get straight back into the swing of things and then boom all potential motivation I had was lost. 
So for the past few weeks I've been in a bit of a slump trying to get all settled back into a proper routine (it's not easy) and I think this week with my mum and sister visiting me for my birthday it has finally given me a little push to get on with the year properly and finally! So after a bit of a false start I'm all ready to go ahead and push forward with everything and that includes blogging!!!
I have so many posts that I need to write up so in the next few weeks you might be swarmed with posts all about my latest purchases so sorry in advance as well as my new love for lipstick - never thought I'd say that! Plus I'm hoping after all my deadlines in the next few weeks are done of giving this blog a potential revamp so keep looking out!!!


Saturday, 14 September 2013

'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.' 

Coco Chanel 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Item Of The Day

I may be on holiday but I have tried to still do my schedule posts and today's is this dress which is my Item Of The Day.
This dress is definitely something I'm considering buying one my student loan comes in - you can never have enough dresses after all!

Topshop Dress. £38.00


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Next 2 Months

The next 2 months are pretty exciting – finally something good to look forward to! Yay. Today I go to Mallorca for 2 weeks which is extremely exciting – Sun, Sea and a lot of Relaxing will be the main orders of the day. Away from reality, away from drama and just the chance to let myself rest and prepare for my final year of uni (hurrah).

Then as soon as I come back I have a few days at home with the family before going back to real life – unfortunately – but to ease that pain I get to see one of my best friends and celebrate her birthday which is great considering it will be probably a year since I’ve seen her properly. Of course this is far too long but life just sometimes gets in the way.

Then of course it’s back to uni and LOANS come in which every student knows is literally as good a feeling as Christmas. Not that I can spend it but least all my rent, bills will be paid and I may even have some leftover to start paying off my debts and maybe a cheeky thing or 2 for myself as a treat!

Then October and it’s my birthday! Admittedly not till the end but still it’s my birthday month and it’s always an excuse to get all my closest friends together and have a good night out!

All in all I’m feeling positive about the next few months which is certainly never a bad thing – any of you got anything nice coming up or planned? Or any of you starting uni or college?


Monday, 9 September 2013

Little Catch Up

August was a long month!

So I promised that I wouldn’t go slacking on the posts and then what do I do? Completely manage to go and do just that all over again – I never seem to be able to juggle everything. With working and having to revise for resits August literally went by in a complete blur and daze! I blinked and suddenly I was in September although at the time with the pressure of exams it certainly didn’t feel like that. But resits are done (results I don’t even want to think and about) and tomorrow I am off to Mallorca for 2 weeks and I can’t wait.

Holiday packing......

…..just isn’t going well at all. I managed to overload my case on my journey home (home to see the mum and sister before holiday) and as I am writing this on the train I can truly say that my mum is going to probably wonder how long I am planning on going for! Plus I know I have clothes at home that I am going to want to take so all in all I feel that tonight and tomorrow my packing nightmare is going to continue.

How many dresses is it acceptable to take for 2 weeks? And am I really going to go running whilst away?

These are the questions that I keep asking myself and for the dresses I think 10 dresses is an acceptable number but I probably have more like 20 in my case currently and will I go running? I really don’t know but I know that I really want to and if I take my trainers that at least there’s one step in the right direction for motivation – if I don’t take them I have NO motivation. Then it’s the same question as to if I should just relax and enjoy my holiday but I won’t lie I love to do nothing sometimes but too much of doing nothing and it drives me to the brink of insanity and I honestly mean that. I would rather have too much to fit into too little time than the other way round.  Probably one of the reasons whilst I actually enjoy work.  After all there’s only so many times I can watch episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and ER in a day.


So my mum was forever a ‘I love Iphone’ fan but 2 weeks ago she went and changed her phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 which was ironic considering a year ago when I went and upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2 from my old Nokia she told me I should have got an Iphone. Then she went and dropped that my sister had also upgraded (understandable her phone still had a key pad) so I was like oh whatever I don’t care but then I thought well if they have then maybe I should. So 2 days ago I went and did the same and OMG compared to the S2 it’s amazing – I mean I loved my S2 but all the gadgets and different things you can do to it I have to say it is definitely a worthy investment and I am going to spend the next 2 weeks whilst away figuring it out!

So that’s all the latest and up to date in my life – nothing too exciting (if only I had an exciting life) but 2 weeks away and then back for the my third and final year of uni! Yay! Although I know it’s going to be the hardest slog so far I actually am quite excited as well as nervous for what comes after but for now I’m focusing on the fact that in about half an hour I will be home and having my first roast dinner in literally months – too excited for words. Eeepppp!


Monday, 19 August 2013

Blog Sale

I am having a mass clear out and I need for some of my lovely things that deserve a new lease of life to go to a lovely home! So if there's anything you like and want then please let me know by commenting on the post.

Payments will be made through Paypal and as soon as Payment is received I will post the next working day! 

1.Topshop Striped T-shirt dress. Size 8 but would fit size 10.
£2.50 P & P

2.Boohoo Skirt Size 8 would fit Size 10. BNWT.
£2.50 P & P
3.Topshop Floral Dress. Size 8.
£3.00 P & P

4. Size 8 H & M Maxi Dress BNWOT

£3.00 P & P
5. Miso Pink Envelope Clutch BNWT

£3.00 P & P
6. Irregular Choice Purple Clutch

£3.00 P & P
7. Size 4 Purple New Look Shoes

Brand New
£3.75 P & P
8.Size 8 Matalan Be Beau Horse Print Shorts BNWT

£2.50 P & P

Will be adding more items this week so keep checking back!!!


Revision, Work, Sleep & Little Else

I feel like for the past month I've been neglecting my blog completely which is something I was fearful would happen this summer purely because of the lack of spare time I seem to have these days which is ironic seeing as being a uni student summer should be when I have the most time but oh no! My time has mainly consisted of me working near enough nearly every day and when I'm not working I'm so tired I just want to come home and sleep - such a party animal these days. 

Plus I have resits next week (because I literally suck more than anything at exams) so my view has basically been this: 

Which I won't lie and say is fun because as any one who has ever done an exam will tell you revising really isn't great but one more week then it's all done and fingers crossed I actually pass this time!

Although I've done little else this summer I did go and see my first ever football match with my boyfriend last week at Wembley - England Vs Scotland which was quite an experience. I was pretty nervous beforehand because 1. I know nothing about football really and 2. It's quite intimidating knowing everyone else around you probably watches football religiously. But all in all I survived and actually had fun plus before the match we got some time to spend looking around London which is always nice! And England won which made the match even better! 

So now I've got a dreaded week of constant revision mixed in with working and trying to have a social life but it's only 3 weeks till I go on holiday so I have that to look forward to after all the hard work and effort I'm putting in at the moment.


P.S. I am planning on hopefully getting my blog sale up by the end of the week so keep checking back!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Outfit Of The Day 02.08.13

Now you'll have to excuse the very pale legs that I own but here's yesterday outfit which consisted of ; Floral Dress - Primark, Purple Satchel - Zatchels, Black Studded Shoes - Primark.


Friday, 2 August 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Bargains

I am a sale addict. No question about it. I absolutely love big red signs that say "reductions" or "sale now on" and I am actually one of those sad people that literally cannot wait to go to the January Sales - for me it's the best thing about Christmas.And so this time of year is for me like an absolute gem for I haven't quite yet gone on holiday (I go in September), I'm working loads (a few spare pennies) and the end of season sales are currently in full swing (BARGAINS to be bought).

But one of the bargains of the sales that stuck out to me are these shoes from Jeffrey Campbell! Now an unbelievable £35.00 reduced from £105.00! Available from Office! The only decision will be which pair you prefer more and if you can't decide that buy both and you're still technically saving £35.00 anyway from what one pair would cost you!!!

Shoes £35.00
Available from www.office.co.uk.
Images from www.office.co.uk

I have wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for so long and always give them admiring glances but at a cost of usually over £100 per pair I never really allow myself to linger for too long - I just couldn't justify that amount of money! However I am seriously considering a pair of these even if it is only for decoration - they are just too pretty for me to resist!!!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jump On The Dress Express

Hey everyone! 

As you may be aware from reading some of my previous posts I am quite a big fan of dresses with them hands down being my favourite item of clothing to wear and recently even though I haven't been blogging I've still been constantly having a sneaky look online at all the websites to see what dresses are about. 

AND I have indeed found so many but as ever I've tried to narrow it down to my faves - which proved difficult so here are just a select few.

Boohoo Striped Dress. Available here.
Image from www.boohoo.com

Boohoo Floral Shift Dress. Available here.
Image from www.boohoo.com
Warehouse Shift Dress. Available here.
Image from www.warehouse.co.uk
Warehouse Floral Dress. Available here.
Image from www.warehouse.co.uk
Topshop Maxi Dress. Available here.
Image from www.topshop.com
Asos Floral Bodycon Dress. Available here.
Image from www.asos.com

What's your favourites at the moment?
Has anyone got any of these?
Let me know :).



So in the last few months there's been so much going on that I've actually really slacked on the blogging side of my life and I have to say I have really missed it! Although I've still been checking out blog posts from other people I haven't myself wrote or even really looked at my own blog but I am determined to not be lazy any more and to stop SLACKING!!! So my aim is to get properly back into the swing of things and start blogging properly once again so all you lucky people will be hearing so much more from me!!!

PLUS: I am planning on doing a big blog sale full of shoes, jewellery and clothes in the next couple of weeks (when I find time) so please keep checking back. I have so many items that I recently found after recently moving house that need to go to clear room so please check it out and help me clear some space!!!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's in my fridge?

Right now I am quite poor with just over a week away from pay day so currently this is the state of what my fridge unfortunately looks like:

So basically alcohol, butter and a jelly which is rather bad but just haven't been shopping this week but I will at some point in the near future to the shops and buy some fridge item that don't contain alcohol as that seems to be all I have in my fridge currently!

Please don't judge!!! :)



Compliments are something that I find difficult to take and I don't think I'll ever be able to get to the point where I can accept them and feel happy doing it! The best compliment I've ever received is a difficult one but  when people tell me how much they love my bag or my dress or any item I'm wearing then I do feel a little buzz of happiness even if people didn't like my clothes I would still wear them but it's nice when someone takes the time to tell you they like your items.
I always try and tell people if I like their outfits as well as I feel that even if you aren't really fussed it's always nice to show your appreciation of someone else's outfit and to make sure that they realise how nice they look. I would never expect a compliment or give a compliment to someone that looked awful because to me there's no point.
If I went out the door without any effort at all then there's no way I'd expect a compliment nor give a compliment to someone who had made no effort as in my point they don't deserve it.
Compliments are nice to receive when you've made a bit of an effort and so you feel appreciated by those around you.


Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

So here's my letter to 13 year old for my Blog Every Day Of May challenge which I didn't get to complete in May because of exams getting in the way but have decided to carry on and finish it anyway! I am going to finish the challenge even if it is getting finished in June! -

Dear 13 year old me,

First things first you are going to have the most roller coaster of emotions and events in the next 10 years of your life but never feel that things are getting to the point where you won't be able to come out of it and cope because no matter how low or how bad things get there will always be something or someone around who will help to make things better.
You are much stronger than you realise and it's this strength that gets you through.
When you go shopping you should not buy every item that you like because you literally do not have enough room to store it all and you don't need to buy 5 different hair sprays or shampoos - just stick to the one and save the cash!
Also cut your hair off as much as you like and experiment as your hair does grow back and experimenting is good!
Listen to what Hayley said's as well because as always she knows exactly the right thing to say and do even if you don't want to admit to her she's right she's right! 

And lastly just ignore what those who just want to put you down because it makes them feel better - ignore them because one day you'll meet decent people of course there will always be those that feel the need to be idiots but you will one day find friends for life.
And one last thing DON'T stress or OVERTHINK too much - it's not good for you!

Love 22 year old you!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dream Job

Thinking of what your dream job is something I find really difficult as I'm such an indecisive person who constantly changes her mind like the wind. One minute I think that working in the fashion industry would be my idea of my dream job, the next it's all about working within the finance sector and then I have a complete twist and decide that I'd love to be a teacher. So all in all I have absolutely no idea really however there are elements and things that I really love that I would love to be present in my "dream job" - whatever that shall be. 

First of all I love to write! It can be absolutely about anything. Factual, fiction, rubbish, ramblings, about me, about you but as long as I'm writing something then I'm pretty much in my element. I often dream about one day having a novel that's published but the likelihood is small of that ever happening as I start writing a book then never get round to finishing it but you should never say never I suppose.

The second element that my dream job would include would be travelling and exploring different countries! Although I like to have my home, my base, my comfort zone I do love the thrill of leaving everything behind and having the chance to explore new cultures and countries. Plus the different people you'd get to meet would be absolutely amazing. 

So when you put these two together the logical answer to what my dream job would be is a travel writer - getting paid to write and travel would be like a dream come true. I suppose there's no reason it couldn't end up being my job - anything is possible!!!


News:H & M

For Blog Every Day Of May I thought for the news post I would do a fashion story as it fits in with my blog so I decided on the story of H & M being accused of having 'no shame' with claims that their latest collection is near enough identical to that of Celine, Balenciaga and Kenzo. The article featured on The Daily Mail's website this week explains how there's a feeling that some of H & M's latest collection this year is almost been copied from the designer's catwalks of the season. 

Left: Kenzo Tiger Jumper $255
Right: H & M Tiger Sweater
(Images from www.dailymail.com)

So although undeniably similar is is possible that merely H & M have seeked inspiration from the catwalk?  It surely cannot be said that they are copying when near enough most items of clothing are similar to other items that have already been created these days? And is there only a fuss being kicked up because it's a designer item that has apparently been copied? If it had been the other way round would have much a fuss been made of the designers copying the high street?

Read the full article here.