Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Next 2 Months

The next 2 months are pretty exciting – finally something good to look forward to! Yay. Today I go to Mallorca for 2 weeks which is extremely exciting – Sun, Sea and a lot of Relaxing will be the main orders of the day. Away from reality, away from drama and just the chance to let myself rest and prepare for my final year of uni (hurrah).

Then as soon as I come back I have a few days at home with the family before going back to real life – unfortunately – but to ease that pain I get to see one of my best friends and celebrate her birthday which is great considering it will be probably a year since I’ve seen her properly. Of course this is far too long but life just sometimes gets in the way.

Then of course it’s back to uni and LOANS come in which every student knows is literally as good a feeling as Christmas. Not that I can spend it but least all my rent, bills will be paid and I may even have some leftover to start paying off my debts and maybe a cheeky thing or 2 for myself as a treat!

Then October and it’s my birthday! Admittedly not till the end but still it’s my birthday month and it’s always an excuse to get all my closest friends together and have a good night out!

All in all I’m feeling positive about the next few months which is certainly never a bad thing – any of you got anything nice coming up or planned? Or any of you starting uni or college?


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