Monday, 9 September 2013

Little Catch Up

August was a long month!

So I promised that I wouldn’t go slacking on the posts and then what do I do? Completely manage to go and do just that all over again – I never seem to be able to juggle everything. With working and having to revise for resits August literally went by in a complete blur and daze! I blinked and suddenly I was in September although at the time with the pressure of exams it certainly didn’t feel like that. But resits are done (results I don’t even want to think and about) and tomorrow I am off to Mallorca for 2 weeks and I can’t wait.

Holiday packing......

…..just isn’t going well at all. I managed to overload my case on my journey home (home to see the mum and sister before holiday) and as I am writing this on the train I can truly say that my mum is going to probably wonder how long I am planning on going for! Plus I know I have clothes at home that I am going to want to take so all in all I feel that tonight and tomorrow my packing nightmare is going to continue.

How many dresses is it acceptable to take for 2 weeks? And am I really going to go running whilst away?

These are the questions that I keep asking myself and for the dresses I think 10 dresses is an acceptable number but I probably have more like 20 in my case currently and will I go running? I really don’t know but I know that I really want to and if I take my trainers that at least there’s one step in the right direction for motivation – if I don’t take them I have NO motivation. Then it’s the same question as to if I should just relax and enjoy my holiday but I won’t lie I love to do nothing sometimes but too much of doing nothing and it drives me to the brink of insanity and I honestly mean that. I would rather have too much to fit into too little time than the other way round.  Probably one of the reasons whilst I actually enjoy work.  After all there’s only so many times I can watch episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and ER in a day.


So my mum was forever a ‘I love Iphone’ fan but 2 weeks ago she went and changed her phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 which was ironic considering a year ago when I went and upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2 from my old Nokia she told me I should have got an Iphone. Then she went and dropped that my sister had also upgraded (understandable her phone still had a key pad) so I was like oh whatever I don’t care but then I thought well if they have then maybe I should. So 2 days ago I went and did the same and OMG compared to the S2 it’s amazing – I mean I loved my S2 but all the gadgets and different things you can do to it I have to say it is definitely a worthy investment and I am going to spend the next 2 weeks whilst away figuring it out!

So that’s all the latest and up to date in my life – nothing too exciting (if only I had an exciting life) but 2 weeks away and then back for the my third and final year of uni! Yay! Although I know it’s going to be the hardest slog so far I actually am quite excited as well as nervous for what comes after but for now I’m focusing on the fact that in about half an hour I will be home and having my first roast dinner in literally months – too excited for words. Eeepppp!


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