Monday, 30 May 2016

New Products: Witch Skincare

So there's nothing like when you spot a new product on the shelf when shopping , for me in a instance it's in the basket and I'm away at the till suddenly handing over my debit card simply on impulse because the word new is plastered all over the product. And this time it was no different.Witch Skincare products are always a bit hit and miss with me but when I saw the latest new products I couldn't resist picking them up and seeing what they were all about.

First product is the Daily Primer & Clearing Serum which is actually half new and half recycled. Witch used to do a Primer that was very similar in what this one is said to do in terms of results but it suddenly disappeared from near enough everywhere and left me devastated in the process as it was my go to everyday primer. In fact before it disappeared I didn't use any other primer so the fact it's now back is literally the best thing and I'm just hoping the formula is the same as before or even better if that is possible.

The second product that's been added to their collection is their brand new Micellar Water - whoop!!! I am a complete sucker for micellar waters and I am really enjoying using this one as it's probably one of the most gentle ones I've come across in a while. Also the sensation of the witch hazel really makes your face feel thoroughly cleansed without too the smell being too overpowering. If you are on the lookout for a new micellar water then I would highly recommend this one!!!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Lip Balms

It's been 6 months since my last post which is in blog world terms like forever but life gets you caught up sometimes in the thick of it and before you know it's nearly halfway through 2016 and your writing your first blog post of the year! Scary indeed.

Anyway on with the post and I am a huge lover/spender/hoarder of lip balms and anytime there's new ones launched I have to have them and even if they are not new and I don't have them in my collection - I have to also have them. So today I've got three newbies that have recently managed to sneak into my collection. 

So I absolutely love the packaging of this lip balm - it's probably the main reason I bought it! This is very much like the EOS and Balmi type packaging but better. Whereas those you have to unscrew the top with the FlipBalm you do just that and you flip the balm!

The formula of this has natural coconut butter, Vitamin E and coconut oil and it's not a lie with the name because this really is a creamy lip balm that really hydrates your lips. I definitely prefer this one to the Balmi which I am a huge fan of but there's something about the packaging and the formula that makes this a winner. The price is £4.99 so it is a little bit more expensive for a lip balm but definitely worth every penny.

The FlipBalm also comes in Juicy Watermelon and Ripe Mango.

This is a standard tube lip balm from the brand Kind Natured that is 97% natural ingredients which includes Manuka Honey and beeswax. This is a really moisturising almost glossy lip balm that feels really comfortable when applied. However for me the a huge con of this lip balm is flavouring and smell of the Manuka Honey which I really don't like unfortunately however the context of the balm itself is great and at £3.49 it's not a bad price.

3- Baby Balmi Fresh Mint - £2.00 Available at Primark

So Balmi lip balm have been around for a few years now and I have a few in my collection but when I was browsing in Primark I came across Baby Balmi i.e a small sized balm for a great price of £2.00. I didn't need it but purely for the novelty value I picked it up and it's the cutest little thing!