Monday, 30 May 2016

New Products: Witch Skincare

So there's nothing like when you spot a new product on the shelf when shopping , for me in a instance it's in the basket and I'm away at the till suddenly handing over my debit card simply on impulse because the word new is plastered all over the product. And this time it was no different.Witch Skincare products are always a bit hit and miss with me but when I saw the latest new products I couldn't resist picking them up and seeing what they were all about.

First product is the Daily Primer & Clearing Serum which is actually half new and half recycled. Witch used to do a Primer that was very similar in what this one is said to do in terms of results but it suddenly disappeared from near enough everywhere and left me devastated in the process as it was my go to everyday primer. In fact before it disappeared I didn't use any other primer so the fact it's now back is literally the best thing and I'm just hoping the formula is the same as before or even better if that is possible.

The second product that's been added to their collection is their brand new Micellar Water - whoop!!! I am a complete sucker for micellar waters and I am really enjoying using this one as it's probably one of the most gentle ones I've come across in a while. Also the sensation of the witch hazel really makes your face feel thoroughly cleansed without too the smell being too overpowering. If you are on the lookout for a new micellar water then I would highly recommend this one!!!


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