Friday, 26 April 2013

Item Of The Day

The sun has actually come out this week and I am absolutely loving it even if it has meant that I've had to miss it due to having stupid deadlines. The reason I love it is  even though I've missed out on the sun it means I can finally whip out the summer dresses and also have a sneak look around for some new purchases! 

And I have found one!
And it's in the sale!
It's perfect and I might just have to order it!
Check out this striped beauty - today's Item Of The Day!

Dress.Lashes of London. Was £38.00.Now £11.40. Available here.
(Image from


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mulberry VS ASOS

Mulberry VS ASOS really there's no competition for me it's Mulberry all the way and I firmly believe that "Every girl needs a Mulberry in their life" but due to lack of funds and the high price tag that their bags carry I've pretty much become an expert in finding similar bags without the hefty price tag.

I've managed to do it yet again with the Mint Willow Tote that you can also unzip the front pouch so that it can become a clutch - 2 for the price 1 - however the price tag isn't such a bargain at £1500 which as a student I just can't afford. But I found a solution - a Johnny Loves Rosie bag from ASOS in the 70% off sale and with an extra 10% off all sale items it's even more of a bargain! 
Johnny Loves Rosie Bag.
Available here.
(Image from
Mulberry Willow Mint Tote
Available here
(Image from

So it's not quite a Mulberry but with my budget at the moment even the Johnny Loves Rosie bag would be a strain on my finances but one day I WILL have the money to buy myself a collection of Mulberry's and I will feel like I'm the Queen! Although it does upset me that the Queen doesn't carry around a Mulberry Bayswater on a daily basis - I think she'd definitely give it even more fashion points! 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Item Of The Day

I love handbags, clutch bags, ruck sacks just basically all bags! 
And my  favourite colour is green.
I love a bargain.
So today's Item of The Day is literally the perfect item for me!

Green Bag. Forever 21. £16.75. Available here.
(Image from


Monday, 22 April 2013

Website Of The Week

One of the best things I find about reading other people's blogs is the introduction of new clothing lines and websites that they draw your attention to that if you'd never read them then you wouldn't know about and this week it's all thanks to Jade from dotty-dolly that I came across With reasonably priced items and a varied selection there are some absolutely cracking pieces of clothing and footwear on this site that are just too good not to be snapped up. Also for all those students out there there's the wonderful added extra of 15% off and for non students just by liking there Facebook page it reveals a 10% off code! So even more reasons to give this site a look!
So to give you a little bit of an idea what this site offers I was going to give you my favourite item but being me I just had too many so instead decided on my top 3!!!
Multi colour leggings. £6.99.Available here.

Green Bodycon Tunic Dress.£8.99.Available here
Green Cable Knit Cardigan.£14.99.Available here.
(All images from

Have any of you ever bought anything from this website? Let me know!


Item(s) Of The Day

So today's Item of the Day is actually Items of the Day as I just couldn't choose between the two which I liked more and then I realised that I'd actually probably wear them together anyway so decided on doing the two items instead of the normal one!
All items are from and the first item is a fabulous Galaxy Print Skater Dress which at £25.00 is pretty much a bargain! The second item is Block Heel Ankle Strap Shoe for £24.00 which I think are just absolutely brilliant! 
I actually love both these items so much but definitely need to do a Spring clean of my wardrobe before I purchase anything else or so I say haha. 
Galaxy Print Dress.£25.00.Available here.Block Heel Ankle Strap Shoes.£24.00.Available here.
(Images from

Friday, 19 April 2013

Zatchels 2nd Birthday Flash Sale

So tomorow Saturday 20th April 2013 are having a 50% flash sale for 24 hours only to celebrate their 2nd Birthday and this is BIG NEWS! Their bags are of the highest quality and although they haven't got quite the same well known branding as The Cambridge Satchel Company in my opinion I believe these bags are of far superior quality leather. I am in a position to state this (my own opinion) because I have a Zatchel Bag as does my mum but she also has a Cambridge Satchel and you can tell the difference in the leather with the Cambridge being much softer but not necessarily poorer quality. 
However this isn't about which company I prefer but more about that Zatchels are offering a fantastic discount tomorrow and I may just have to purchase one after I later consult my bank balance because this is a truly fantastic offer that truly shouldn't be missed. Below are my favourites of the moment!!! 
Purple Leather Satchel. From £86.00.

Blue Cornflower Satchel. From £86.00.

Green Polka Dot Satchel. From £101.00
(All images from

I just wish that it was possible to buy them all however if I do decide to buy one then it's going to be a hard decision! 
What one would you choose?


Please Note: All prices are original prices. 50% will be deducted at checkout doesn't include delivery charges!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Day Out To Portsmouth

So despite living in Southampton for the past 4 years and Portsmouth only being a 40 minute direct train journey and only costing £6.85 I have never been there so today me and my boyfriend took the trip to Gunwharf Quays (mainly so I could do shopping) to see what was there and I sure wasn't disappointed.

The first thing we did was take a trip up the Spinnaker Tower  which we'd already booked tickets for and I would definitely suggest doing this! I went on the London Eye last year and I would say that this is definitely as good although the views aren't quite the same there still is a lot to see and there is some beautiful scenery from up there and even though at first I was a bit worried I did really enjoy it!

Views from Spinnaker Tower and one of me!

Then we went for some lunch at this lovely Tapas bar which I really liked (don't know if the boyfriend did) before commencing shopping in what felt like an outlet heaven. I say this because where I originally come from in Devon there isn't that many good outlets so this was something a bit different for me and I certainly made the most of it by getting a few purchases!
One of the best buys I bought was a quilted Barbour Jacket that would have originally been £110.00 but because of outlet and being a sample was only £55.00. I was a bit gutted they didn't have a green colour in my size (favourite colour) however the gorgeous teal colour I got I think I prefer as I have so many green coats it's always good to have a change.

Another great buy was a Ted Baker shopper that only cost me about £20.00 with outlet pricing and student discount on top which was such as good surprise that I felt even more like a bargain hunter than normal! As well as that I bought myself some Cath Kidston goodies and a Audrey Hepburn DVD movie collection for £9.99 from HMV which is going to be perfect for when I need a chill out from the mountains of Uni work I have over the next few weeks.

1.Ted Baker Bag.2.Cath Kidston Bag.3.Barbour Quilted Jacket
1.Cath Kidston coin purse and bag.2.Gap Dress.3.Audrey Hepburn movie collection.

It's safe to say that today was a success and I certainly will be going again - just need to save up again now!!!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Item Of The Day

So I think we all thought the nice weather was on it's way at the beginning of the week but such as such it seems that the rain decided to shown it's appearance again however this hasn't stopped me scouting out summer dresses and that's exactly what today's Item Of The Day is. A beautiful scenic dress with mesh panelling at the front and a plain black back! Sounds good? Well here's the dress itself in question -

Dress £22.99. Available here.

(All images from


Monday, 8 April 2013

Uniqlo Collections

I first stumbled upon Uniqlo last year when they did a collaboration with Orla Kiely who's patterns I am a huge fan of as is my mum that between us we have six of her bags so last year it was a given that I would buy some of her tops from her collection. And now this year there have been a further two fantastic collaborations with Celia Birtwell and Lulu Guinness and as I've been having a rather bad day today I just completed my order online and purchased an item from both collections. I literally am so excited and just hope they are just as lovely when they arrive as they are online.

Lulu Guinness Top. Uniqlo. £12.90
Available here.
Celia Birtwell Cullotes. £14.90. Uniqlo.
Available here.

(All images from

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Item Of The Day

Today's Item Of The Day is a beautiful tie dye maxi skirt that will be so perfect for the in between stages of Spring/Summer and also for the Summer months and hopefully if I can afford it a nice walk along the beach somewhere really hot. And at an absolute bargain of £25.00 I might be able to stretch to one of the other colours as well! 

Tie Dye Maxi Skirt. £25.00. Fashion Union
(Image from


Tuesday, 2 April 2013


So another Outfit Of The Day and as I was only popping up to Tesco after slouching about the house all day I just went for an easy thrown together look! Sometimes an easy outfit can be a good outfit! 

.Cardigan. H&M.£7.00 in Sale.
.Bird Print Dress.H &M. £5.00 in Sale.
.Leggings. H&M.£5.99.
.Scarf.New Look. Old.
.Boots.Kurt Geiger. Borrowed from my mum.


Item Of The Day

Today's item of the day is an Aztec Blanket Jacket from Topshop and it's absolutely perfect for the up and coming festival season! At £40.00 it's a reasonable price as well so go grab it while  you as I'm predicting that this one is a going to be a sell out online and in store!!!

Aztec Blanket Jacket. £40.00 
(Image from


Monday, 1 April 2013

Grown Up Bag Hunt

I am definitely a bag girl there's always a saying you are either a bag girl or a shoes girl and for me it's all about the bag. I have a varied selection from cheap Primark bags to more pricer bags and so many different styles from a clutch bag I can just about fit my phone into to a massive tote that I can practically fit my life in but one bag I'm missing in my collection is a nice simple black or dark coloured bag that's smart enough to use any time of the day and for any occasion. 
So I've been looking around and discovered some great Marc B bags that are good sizes and are 'grown up' bags that I could use for potential job interviews when I leave uni (I go into my third and final year in September) and they are also quite inexpensive. Although that seem ages away I still need to think about revamping my wardrobe and to save the huge amount of cost at that time if I start now then I can spread the cost and the first thing I'm looking at is a new handbag. Below are the top 5 Marc B potential bags.

Top Row: Tammy Olive Suede £49.00. Knightsbridge Black £49.00.
Middle Row : Giselle Black £59.00
Bottom Row: Bella Black Snake £49.00. Lottie Black Ostrich Black £55.00
(All images and bags from www.marcb,com)

So now I just need to decide if one of these lovely bags is going to be mine  or if I need to carry on searching for my 'Grown Up' bag!

Topshop Dresses

Today I've been feeling a bit ill and haven't managed to get round to doing any work due to feeling sick so I thought I'd have a little online shop and then I came across these three gorgeous dresses from Topshop that may just have to be bought when I get my loan through next week. However that is dependant on if I have that available cash or not but until then I'll just have to have to keep having a little look and lusting after them and hope that I'll be able to purchase at least one of them next week!

Left to Right: Tea Dress £46.Tye Dye Mini Dress £29.00.Tye Dye Maxi Dress £59.00.
(All images from