Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mulberry VS ASOS

Mulberry VS ASOS really there's no competition for me it's Mulberry all the way and I firmly believe that "Every girl needs a Mulberry in their life" but due to lack of funds and the high price tag that their bags carry I've pretty much become an expert in finding similar bags without the hefty price tag.

I've managed to do it yet again with the Mint Willow Tote that you can also unzip the front pouch so that it can become a clutch - 2 for the price 1 - however the price tag isn't such a bargain at £1500 which as a student I just can't afford. But I found a solution - a Johnny Loves Rosie bag from ASOS in the 70% off sale and with an extra 10% off all sale items it's even more of a bargain! 
Johnny Loves Rosie Bag.
Available here.
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Mulberry Willow Mint Tote
Available here
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So it's not quite a Mulberry but with my budget at the moment even the Johnny Loves Rosie bag would be a strain on my finances but one day I WILL have the money to buy myself a collection of Mulberry's and I will feel like I'm the Queen! Although it does upset me that the Queen doesn't carry around a Mulberry Bayswater on a daily basis - I think she'd definitely give it even more fashion points! 


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