Friday, 12 April 2013

Day Out To Portsmouth

So despite living in Southampton for the past 4 years and Portsmouth only being a 40 minute direct train journey and only costing £6.85 I have never been there so today me and my boyfriend took the trip to Gunwharf Quays (mainly so I could do shopping) to see what was there and I sure wasn't disappointed.

The first thing we did was take a trip up the Spinnaker Tower  which we'd already booked tickets for and I would definitely suggest doing this! I went on the London Eye last year and I would say that this is definitely as good although the views aren't quite the same there still is a lot to see and there is some beautiful scenery from up there and even though at first I was a bit worried I did really enjoy it!

Views from Spinnaker Tower and one of me!

Then we went for some lunch at this lovely Tapas bar which I really liked (don't know if the boyfriend did) before commencing shopping in what felt like an outlet heaven. I say this because where I originally come from in Devon there isn't that many good outlets so this was something a bit different for me and I certainly made the most of it by getting a few purchases!
One of the best buys I bought was a quilted Barbour Jacket that would have originally been £110.00 but because of outlet and being a sample was only £55.00. I was a bit gutted they didn't have a green colour in my size (favourite colour) however the gorgeous teal colour I got I think I prefer as I have so many green coats it's always good to have a change.

Another great buy was a Ted Baker shopper that only cost me about £20.00 with outlet pricing and student discount on top which was such as good surprise that I felt even more like a bargain hunter than normal! As well as that I bought myself some Cath Kidston goodies and a Audrey Hepburn DVD movie collection for £9.99 from HMV which is going to be perfect for when I need a chill out from the mountains of Uni work I have over the next few weeks.

1.Ted Baker Bag.2.Cath Kidston Bag.3.Barbour Quilted Jacket
1.Cath Kidston coin purse and bag.2.Gap Dress.3.Audrey Hepburn movie collection.

It's safe to say that today was a success and I certainly will be going again - just need to save up again now!!!


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