Friday, 19 April 2013

Zatchels 2nd Birthday Flash Sale

So tomorow Saturday 20th April 2013 are having a 50% flash sale for 24 hours only to celebrate their 2nd Birthday and this is BIG NEWS! Their bags are of the highest quality and although they haven't got quite the same well known branding as The Cambridge Satchel Company in my opinion I believe these bags are of far superior quality leather. I am in a position to state this (my own opinion) because I have a Zatchel Bag as does my mum but she also has a Cambridge Satchel and you can tell the difference in the leather with the Cambridge being much softer but not necessarily poorer quality. 
However this isn't about which company I prefer but more about that Zatchels are offering a fantastic discount tomorrow and I may just have to purchase one after I later consult my bank balance because this is a truly fantastic offer that truly shouldn't be missed. Below are my favourites of the moment!!! 
Purple Leather Satchel. From £86.00.

Blue Cornflower Satchel. From £86.00.

Green Polka Dot Satchel. From £101.00
(All images from

I just wish that it was possible to buy them all however if I do decide to buy one then it's going to be a hard decision! 
What one would you choose?


Please Note: All prices are original prices. 50% will be deducted at checkout doesn't include delivery charges!

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