Friday, 8 November 2013

ELF Haul

I've heard so many different bloggers going on about ELF products (that's Eyes, Lips and Face for those that didn't know) that when they had a 50% discount offer over the weekend I was weak to resistance and just had to see for myself what the products were all about.

The initial cost of all my products came to just over £30.00 which would have meant free postage and packaging but the 50% off bought it to around the £15.00 the mark with Postage and Packaging came to £18.00. And I tell you for my money I got a lot of products that are still in the packaging just so I could do this post and soon as it's all written I will be doing reviews on all the products so look out for that!

So here's the bargains that I got and let me tell you opening up this package felt like Christmas had come early!!! 

(Just to warn you all my camera isn't the greatest and I have don't have much natural light so please bare with me and hopefully soon I'll have a better camera and a better place to take pictures).

My Box Of Goodies!
So as you can see above this is how my products arrived and within this box are the following items:

1- All Over Color Stick - Spotlight
2- All Over Cover Stick - Ivory
3- Lipstick - Nostalgic
4- Lip Exfloliator
5- Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
6- Therapeutic Conditioning Balm - Strawberry Creme
7- Daily Moisture Stick
8- Studio Make Up Mist & Set
9- Lip Primer & Plumper - Clear and Natural

Left to Right: All Over Cover Stick:£1.50. All Over Color Stick: £1.50.

Left to Right: Therapeutic Conditioning Balm £1.50. Lipstick £1.50. Lip Primer & Plumper: 
£3.75. Lip Exfoliator: £3.75.

Left to Right : Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter: £3.75. 
Studio Makeup Mist & Set:£3.75.Daily Moisture Stick:£8.00.

All products are available from Keep checking them out as they are always have new offers or follow them on Twitter @ELFCostmeticsUK to keep up to date with their latest products and offers.


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