Monday, 19 August 2013

Revision, Work, Sleep & Little Else

I feel like for the past month I've been neglecting my blog completely which is something I was fearful would happen this summer purely because of the lack of spare time I seem to have these days which is ironic seeing as being a uni student summer should be when I have the most time but oh no! My time has mainly consisted of me working near enough nearly every day and when I'm not working I'm so tired I just want to come home and sleep - such a party animal these days. 

Plus I have resits next week (because I literally suck more than anything at exams) so my view has basically been this: 

Which I won't lie and say is fun because as any one who has ever done an exam will tell you revising really isn't great but one more week then it's all done and fingers crossed I actually pass this time!

Although I've done little else this summer I did go and see my first ever football match with my boyfriend last week at Wembley - England Vs Scotland which was quite an experience. I was pretty nervous beforehand because 1. I know nothing about football really and 2. It's quite intimidating knowing everyone else around you probably watches football religiously. But all in all I survived and actually had fun plus before the match we got some time to spend looking around London which is always nice! And England won which made the match even better! 

So now I've got a dreaded week of constant revision mixed in with working and trying to have a social life but it's only 3 weeks till I go on holiday so I have that to look forward to after all the hard work and effort I'm putting in at the moment.


P.S. I am planning on hopefully getting my blog sale up by the end of the week so keep checking back!

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