Friday, 3 May 2013

5 Favourite Blogs

To do a post about my 5 Favourite Blogs is really difficult as every blog has a quirk and something unique about them that makes me read and follow them so this is something that I genuinely have had to give a significant amount of thought to in order to be able to write this post but I think I've got some of the 5 that I regularly read so they must be my favourites I suppose.


I absolutely love this blog and Jade who writes it is lovely as well. 
She's always posts brilliant outfits of the day that I would love to be able to wear in the chic way she does but I don't quite think I can. 
She also has a DIY section on her blog and is always posting about new items and giving a run down of her favourite items! 
If you haven't already then definitely check out this blog it's definitely worth it!


Emma covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her blog and the great thing about her blog is the constant stream of new material which I just love. I love reading her new posts and they are always full of something interesting! Emma's blog has grown since it first started and I for one hope the same happens to mine.


Meg is something I really admire and I love how she's created her blog to "destroy the prejudices" people have over sufferers of depression and anxiety. I know how this feels after suffering from depression for many years and the fact that Megan doesn't hide it and writes truthfully about it but there's also the fun elements of her blog that just show why we shouldn't be labelled.
Check her out as this is truly one of the best reads of a blog about!


Robyn's blog is the first stop I go to for inspiration on affordable fashion and for outfit combinations when I'm literally so stuck to what to wear. 
She puts the outfits together that I'd never think of and also buys items that I'm unsure about but once she's styled them up I'm instantly regretting the decision to not buy them.
This girl can make anything look good!


Now not only does Chloe have brilliant name but she has a brilliant blog! There's such a varied range of posts that she creates that you never know what's going to be her next posts!
I love how she not only does fashion but beauty as well as I'm a person who equally loves both!
I love her Sunday round ups and I just simply think if you haven't read her blog you are simply missing out!

Jade, Emma, Meg, Robyn and Chloe all made it into my top 5 because I just love their blogs and find them so interesting to read - I hate to think I've missed out on a post from any of them! But 
As a newbie to blogging I look at their blogs for tips, help and inspiration for how my blog can develop as it gets older.
My advice is to get reading these blogs now because you really don't want to miss out on any of these five!
There are also so many other blogs out there that I love to read just unfortunately I can only name five.



  1. you have an excellent name too ;) and thanks for mentioning me, its so sweet! :)

  2. Thanks Chloe :)! So so glad you like my posts :)!

  3. Thanks Chloe :) Glad you like my posts! All blogs start the same, so of course yours will grow! x