Thursday, 9 May 2013


So today's post for Blogging Every Day Of May is all about your favourite social media channel and Twitter is definitely my favourite! I just love to tweet about everything and anything! When I think about how much time I actually waste tweeting and reading other people's tweets it suddenly dawns on me the amount of things I could be doing rather than tweeting but will I? Probably not. Twitter is just a way of life now.

Whereas if you do more than 1 status a day on Facebook you really just stand to annoying your friends by spamming up their news feed on Twitter that really doesn't matter as that is the whole point! I also just prefer the way that Twitter generally is which is so much easier to interact and I don't feel the same annoyance or hassle with it like I do with Facebook.

For me Facebook's a great tool if you want to set up groups for Uni work or friends or even events - let's face it saves money, time, effort and the environment. It's also great for putting your pictures up so that they're stored somewhere for you to see although I would prefer if I had this option of a private online album that I could log onto instead of everyone seeing all of the pictures I upload. It's also pretty good for reminding you of people's birthdays especially when you have a memory like mine.

But all of this for me still doesn't beat Twitter and the fact that I can literally tweet sitting on the toilet if I wanted to (not that I do) and wouldn't be judged because whatever I tweet there's always going to be a weirder tweet by someone else. Just the joys of Twitter really and why it's my favourite!



  1. i believe you can set your albums individually to view for friends only, you only, friends of friends or public. i think it's on the cog wheel when you go into each album. not 100% sure but you can definitely do it. :)

    my mum has even managed to set an album up before so that only i can see it, but i have no idea how she did that... :')

  2. Oh cool! Might have a look into that! :). Thanks.

    1. just had a check now i'm home from work. if you go onto your photos and the albums page its like this: :)