Thursday, 23 May 2013

Best Friends

Best friends is a difficult topic for me as throughout the years I've had many best friends who I no longer talk to. I had one best friend through the most of secondary school who I ended up having an argument with at our year 11 prom and subsequently haven't spoken to since - that was about 7 years ago but now I tend to have really good friends and I have a small group of people who I class as some of my best friends. I don't have an individual best friend. Here are some of the people who I genuinely just love and class as really good friends. 

Amber and James :

These guys are two of my really good friends that I first met 4 years ago when I first started uni. I met them through quite a random event (something I won't go into detail about) but we seemed to just hit it off and have been pretty much friends ever since. Our lives combined used to resemble a comedy show - we always joked that our lives was as eventful as a scripted reality show minus the script! Our nights out always have an element of drama and although we no longer actually live in the same place I definitely know that these guys are friends that I will have for life!!!


This girl is something that I could go for months without contact but when we do meet up it's like I saw her yesterday. After first meeting at work 7 years ago we have been friends ever since! I'd love to see her more but unfortunately due to not living near her anymore and her working full time I'm pretty much limited to the times that I can see her however that doesn't change how much I see her as a friend and she certainly knows that!


So in the past few months me and Ronnie haven't really been all that close - a typical he gets a girlfriend syndrome but still I wouldn't ever say that he hasn't been a good friend to me even if lately it hasn't felt like it. I know that every friendship hits a point where there basically is just no time for each other because of commitments but that doesn't change that I'd say he has definitely been one of the best friends I could have asked for.


So me and this girl have known each other for about 3 years but only in the last year have we got to a point where we have are really good friends so much so that from July we are going to be flatmates - a new stage in our friendship. Gemma is genuinely lovely and always there for a laugh, cry or just purely a trip to the pub to drink wine :). A good friend to have.

The Lovely Work Girlies - Jasmine, Sophie & Hollie

Without these girls I think my weekends at work would be so much duller! They certainly cheer me up and make it worth going to work - even if sometimes we do all distract each other! Love these girlies and my weekly catch ups with them.

And there are so many other people who I class as genuinely really good friends. For me it's best to have a group of best friends instead of just one best friend! 


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