Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First Job

So I don't know if you'd really class it as a job but at 13 I got the obligatory paper round that you get when your younger and it was my first taste of earning my own actual cash - a feeling I'd never had before. It first started at about £4.80 for a Sunday round and then after about 2 years it went up to £5.00 for the Sunday round! I only ever did a Sunday round due to being too lazy to get up at 6.30am every morning!

Then when I was 14 I got what you would call my first "proper job" and it felt so good the freedom that it gave me but it was bloody hard work that's for sure. I worked in a kitchen in a pub just washing up dishes and although I used to come home smelling disgusting with horrible greasy hair I did enjoy it in a funny way. A sense of routine and something to do. Although at the time I thought it was a fortune I was only getting £3.50 per hour but to me that seemed like such a lot of money!

Then later on they moved me onto doing waitressing but I wasn't such a fan of that and after nearly spilling soup down a customer I decided that maybe that wasn't the right job for me. Luckily they moved me back into the kitchen after a few months. It's true what they say you do always remember your first job it's never necessarily the best job but it's certainly gave me a taste for hard work and the rewards that you get for it! 


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