Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5 Lines

So I'm not one for really being consistent even though I  try but when I heard about Rosalilium challenge of Blogging Every Day of Day or #BEDM (on Twitter) then I knew that it would certainly be challenge for me to make sure I did a blog  post every day and I'm rather excited to see how I do considering it's the month of May which for me is basically deadlines and exams boo!

Anyway today's topic of post is describing yourself in 5 lines so here goes!

My name is Chloe, 22 and currently a 2nd year student plus part time retail assistant!

I live in Southampton but originally come from Devon and I have mid length dark brown hair.

My favourite colour is green and I adore floral dresses, high heels and handbags.

I couldn't be without my family and friends who mean the world to me and who support and get me through no matter what.

One day I will own a Mulberry Bayswater and travel the world!


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