Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Fun - What even is that?

So bank holiday fun is literally a case of me asking all you out there - what that even is? I have the joy of working nearly every bank holiday due to my work contract so this is my day -

9.30 (due to be being late) till 6.30 - the joys of work!

6.30 till 7.15 - came home to shower, put my washing on and get ready to go out!

7.15 till 9.15(ish) - BBQ with some friends.

So now as I write this at 10.28 (according to my laptop clock) I am sat in bed with my boyfriend ready for a good nights sleep. 

Sorry for the short post but I really don't have interesting bank holidays unfortunately so I'll try and do something interesting this week to make up for it! No promises though.


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