Sunday, 12 May 2013

What do I collect?

Today's Blog Every Day Of May Topic is all about collecting and what you collect and I have to say that I literally collect everything and anything. It all started from when I was younger and I had the Beanie Baby Collecting obsession to becoming a teenager and collecting posters of my favourite bands/singers right through to now where I literally find it difficult to pinpoint in particular what I collect but these photo's maybe give you an insight into what I enjoy buying which therefore to me constitutes collecting.

Beauty products and jewellery are definitely top of my lists of what I like to have vast amounts of as well as books and dvd's. I enjoy having lots of clutter in my life and although I know not everyone likes it to me it's the clutter that can make your room and your home a home. I definitely won't be stopping collecting the clutter anytime soon!


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