Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How Green Am I?

So apart from green being my favourite colour environment and carbon footprint wise I'm not very green! I won't lie it's not good to be part of the generation that want everything and anything right at that very point. I am definitely the worst when it comes to packaging for example bottled water is my biggest downfall. I must got through about 50 bottles a month at least and this is definitely not very green of me. 

Also food packaging generally I am lazy and won't lie if it's effort I won't do it so the extra effort of having to put the cardboard in the recycling bin I just put it in with the normal waste (naughty I know). My excuse - I don't have one I'm just lazy. But one thing I will say is that where I can I try and not use or take plastic bags from shops - it's only a minor thing but I do believe that if everyone had to pay the bag tax like they do in Wales everywhere else then there definitely would be a lower amount of plastic bags taken and used. Maybe one day it will become the same everywhere else. 

After writing and realising I think it's safe to say I do need to change my ways because although change won't happen just with me changing my ways it can help contribute towards change and if we all do our bit then we can help to maintain the environment!


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