Thursday, 23 May 2013

How I Treat Myself

I really can't pretend I'm a fan of pampering as such but I don't mind ever mind treating myself which in my opinion is pretty much my version of pampering. I've never really liked all the fussy girly pampering treats - a day at a spa has never been something that has really interested me I'd much rather a shopping trip as a way to treat myself. 

I enjoy shopping and to me it's a treat especially if I'm shopping alone as I can browse at my own pace and on my own terms - I don't have to consider that someone else might be getting bored! Now I'm not saying I don't like shopping with other people, I do much prefer the company but if I'm having a bad day then I do just like to have a bit of a wonder into town on a whim and have a little look. It instantly cheers me up, gets me out the house and makes me instantly think of something else rather than the crap day I've been having. 

Another way I treat myself is by just simply getting into my pj's, watching episodes of some of my favourite TV programmes such as; Alias, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game to name but a few. I like to lie in my bed, watch some TV, eat some crisps and just not think about anything else! This way I can just be sucked in by the world of TV and not have to think about anything else.

So although the ways that I see myself as pampering myself aren't maybe seen as being conventional to some I myself see this as being how I treat myself and relax and after trying and testing these ways out I can definitely say they do work! 


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