Friday, 24 May 2013

Christmas Day Tradition

There aren't really many traditions that me and my family keep to but one tradition that we very much keep is to make sure that we spend Christmas together! There hasn't been a Christmas that I haven't spent at home and the thought one year not spending it at home does fill me with a feeling of sadness and dread. I won't be able to be the first one up who then wakes everyone up or have to wait for my sister to finish opening her presents as she always takes longer than me even though we have the same amount of presents.

We always get up at a reasonably early time, get our dressing gowns on and go downstairs and start opening our presents! Then as I've got up so early (I can't do early mornings) so always have a little nap whilst my mum's preparing the dinner. So have about an hour and then go get showered, do my hair and get dressed and ready to eat.

Then after dinner it's just a case of slobbing out after demolishing the turkey roast and watch TV before getting into m pj' later on and watching Christmas TV whilst enjoying an alcoholic drink. Whilst it's not the most exciting of Christmas Days for me it's important as it's a family tradition of how we spend our day together!

Our family Christmas tree.


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