Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Budget Beauty: The £1 Body & Face Cooling Mist

Last summer facial water sprays had their moments to shine and I am so grateful that I discovered them when I did because as someone who isn't great with heat they were the perfect cool me down. Everyone from Avene to Evian had their own facial water spray/mist/etc type product however some of these were pretty pricey i.e the cheapest priced Avene is around £3.00 in most stores for 50ml spray. 

So I welcome you to my latest budget beauty discovery - Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist priced at £1.00 (yes seriously) for 150ml available from Savers. Although the formula isn't quite as slick as say Avene whereby this doesn't sinks into the skin as soon as it is sprayed, for the price difference I think I will be able to cope with that. This will be my budget alternative this summer.

Now please sun make an appearance for me!


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