Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MUA Haul - Part Three: Eyes

So the last part of my MUA Haul is all to do with the eyes and this is the area I have the least focus on so I only actually ended up buying three products in total that were for the eyes.

The first product which I bought was the Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette which can be seen in the picture above and the one below and this was £4.00 which for 12 eyeshadows is incredibly great value in my opinion. Also for me it's the first eyeshadow palette that I have ever purchased in fact they are the only eyeshadows that I actually own at this point in time and I thought for £4.00 for 12 different shades if I wasn't to like then then it's not really a big deal in terms of cost.

Right: Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette. £4.00.
The next eye product I bought was the MUA Eye Pro Base Eye Primer which was a snap at £2.50! Eye primers are something that are quite difficult to find I know that Urban Decay do one which is quite pricey and Rimmel do a cheaper version so for something that not many brands seem to have readily available I was surprised that MUA did their own and so cheap. I use the eye primer to smooth underneath my eyes before putting concealer on - now I'm not sure if this is a correct use as I know that it's an eyeshadow base primarily but it works brilliantly for me. My concealer is certainly longer lasting when I've primed underneath my eyes! 
MUA Pro Base Eye Primer. £2.50.

My final eye product which some may class as a face product but for me it's an eye product is the MUA Under Eye Concealer Radiant! This isn't like a concealer that covers everything if you are wanting a concealer for that then this product is not for you however what it does for me is brilliantly lightens up the dark circles under my eyes so I don't then have to use a heavy coverage concealer. Or this product can be used as a combination with another concealer if you feel you do need it. For £3.00 this is one of my favourite radiant concealers that I have tried and would certainly recommend. 

MUA Under Eye Concealer Radiant. £3.00.


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