Thursday, 13 March 2014

Quality Over Quantity


I like many of you love to buy clothes on both the high street and online - Ebay and Asos are my two weaknesses in life! However I said to my friend (who agreed to do it with me but failed in the first few days) that I would give up buying clothes, shoes, accessories for the whole of February and they such as my mum and boyfriend didn't believe that I would be able to do it but I love nothing more than to prove people wrong so I was more determined than ever to succeed.

I spend so much money each month on clothes that if I added the amount up I think it would make me want to be sick yet I would say 70% of those clothes are never worn and most sit in my wardrobe simply with the tags on and yet as I know I do this I just kept on and on with the buying and spending.

But challenging myself to not buy anything clothes and accessories related was something I myself thought I would fail at - I thought it would take is one little look in the shops on the way to town and that would be it even though I wanted to prove everyone wrong but somehow I managed to surprised myself by being able to do it and I felt so much better afterwards that I actually manage to complete a whole month without buying clothes plus I also ended up taking 10 bags of clothes to the charity shops in town which made me feel better.

I think for too long I've allowed clothes and spending on them to control my life so much that every time I saw something I wanted I just had to buy it even though more than half the time I know that item will get worn once if that. Now when I buy items I'm going to question myself so I don't get stuck in the same rut -

1) Do I need it?
2) Will I like the item in a months time?
3) Will I want to wear the item in a months time?
4) Will I wear it more than once?
5) Is it worth the money?

And if I look at it in terms of quality over quantity and stopped getting caught out by big, red, glossy sale labels then hopefully my purse and wardrobe can stay in better condition!
I can only try.


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