Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MUA Haul - Part Two:Face

Welcome to Part Two of my MUA Haul - Face! Today I am going to look at the face products that I have purchased alongside the lip products from Part One. Now when it comes to face products I'm a bit of a bore - I've been using the same blusher for the past 2 years and I rarely wear any other face product such as a highlighter or powder so when I was stocking on my lipsticks and lip glosses I thought I would also buy some face products alongside them for me to try out.

First things I bought were the blushers which when I went in unfortunately were in a bit of a mess so there weren't that many colours for me to choose from that weren't broken or all over the display so I could only pick up two shades in Cupcake and Bon Bon.

Left: Cupcake Right: Bon Bon £1.00 Each
Out of the two shades Cupcake is my preferred one mainly because I am so pale and Cupcake is a light pinky shade that isn't too pigmented that it looks odd on me whereas Bon Bon is a deeper colour and definitely more suited to someone who doesn't have such pale skin as me. However for a £1.00 each I'm not too upset that that I'm unlikely to use Bon Bon too much unless I maybe were to go on a holiday and get a bit of a tan which is unlikely for both.

Left: Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlight £3.00 Right: Mosaic Bronzer £2.50
Up until I got the Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter I'd been using the Limited Collection Highlighter from Marks and Spencer which is more of a peachy tone but at £5.00 is still quite a bargain. The moment I got my MUA one home however I fell in love and for £3.00 it's even more of a bargain and I definitely prefer the accessibility of the packaging as well. 

I'm not a huge fan of Bronzers but thought I'd give this one a go because let's face it for £2.50 it's a pretty good deal and although I'm not a huge make up wearer during the day I think this is something I'll definitely use for a night out or if I ever tan haha.

The final face product that I got was the MUA Pressed Powder that I actually forgot to take a picture of but you can see it in the main picture. I got the powder in shade 1 which is probably the right shade for me when wearing this on a night out over my foundation and I'm not really someone who's tried any powders apart from the Rimmel Stay Matte one so I'm just testing some different ones out really. But on first impressions this is going to sound really strange but I absolutely love the smell! Odd I know but I just really do!


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