Friday, 14 March 2014

MUA Haul - Part One: Lips

Everytime I go into Superdrug I have to have a look at the MUA stand to see what's there. I feel like I have to do this on a regular basis as you never know what you might find - sometimes it's completely empty and sold out with nothing much in sight and other times there's whole sections such as a the lipsticks and blushers full! It really sometimes can feel like its a raffle when you walk in there.

That's why over the past few weeks when there's been items that I've wanted and they've been in stock I've snapped them up without a second thought. For reason 1) You never know when they might be stock again and 2) The price of MUA products is just too good to not pick them up - who else does £1.00 lipsticks and blushers and £2.00 and £3.00 mascaras?

So I'm going to a three part haul so I don't bore you all to tears with loads of writing and today's category is going to be Lips.

Just one thing sorry for the poor picture quality I need both a new camera and a new place to take pictures - my room is too dark but hopefully even though they aren't great you can still kind of get the ideas of the colours!

I have become slightly obsessed with MUA lip products especially with their lipsticks being a bargain £1.00 and most of their lipglosses being £2.00 with the most expensive being £3.00 I have managed to established quite a collection of their lip products.

The first products I am going to show you are my lipsticks which I love! I especially love taking these on a night out because if I were to lose my lipstick (and I am prone to losing things) then simply all I've lost is £1.00. Whereas I've known people take more expensive lipsticks out such as MAC and I can tell you if I lost a MAC lipstick on a night out I would be more than a little bit emotional. 


Left to Right:
Shade 9. Shade 11. Shade 14 Bare.
All £1.00.
Left to Right:
Shade 2. Shade 6. Shade 8.
All £1.00

I also have 2 other shades which I don't have pictures of - Shade 15 Juicy and the matte lipstick Peachy Keen which I featured in a blog post back in December (click here).

My favourite lipstick would definitely have to be Shade 14 in Bare which is just such a nice shade but saying that I do have a lot of love for Shade 9. The others I haven't tried out yet but will be sure to give you an update when I do.

Lip Gloss
Left to Right:
Out There Lip Gloss in Buff. Intense Kisses Sealed With a Kiss.
Out There Lip Gloss in Nude.
All £2.00.
I love both the Out There Lip Glosses but I would say that Nude is probably edges out Buff based on that its slightly lighter in colour and more wearable on an everyday basis. I haven't yet tried the Intense Kisses Lipgloss but I love the cute packaging and how compact it is especially for a night out when I take a small clutch out.

MUA products are available both from & from

I'll be back with Part Two of my MUA Haul soon!


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