Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lovely Weekend

After a stressful few weeks of feeling down and not myself a few days at home was definitely what I needed! Not only was it Mother's Day on Sunday which I always try and make it home for me, my mum has just bought a puppy as well which was for my sister but is fast becoming everyone's favourite.

Coby, our newest family member is a Bichon Frise, who was 9 weeks old yesterday! My mum and sister went and bought him home last Wednesday so he's not even been here a week but he has settled in so well and he is just the cutest! I have never been a fan of dogs to be honest - my grandparents had a dog that I grew up with and who sadly passed quite a few years ago but he was probably the only dog that I have ever felt comfortable around. 

That was until I met Coby and I have to say I have pretty much fallen in love with him even though he's naughty like a typical puppy he is so loving and cuddly - constantly wanting to sit on your lap and be loved. My mum has completely fallen in love with him as has my sister - he is definitely a welcome added addition. It now means I'll have to be visiting home a lot more to get some Coby Cuddles - yay! 

My sister and Coby 30/03/14
Coby having a rest 01/04/14
Coby chilling out 01/04/14

Although he's a cutie, he's certainly can be a handful as well but he's still cute! I just wish I didn't have to rush back for a manic 4 weeks with my dissertation!!!


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