Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mini TK Maxx Haul

I am the biggest fan of  bargains and I think that is probably why I love going to TK Maxx because with every product in there you are feeling that you are getting a good deal! I went in there a few weeks ago and just picked up a few random bits so I thought I'd do a post on my Mini TK Maxx Haul.

Here goes!

So the first stop for me in TK Maxx was upstairs in the kitchen/storage container compartments and I really could have bought about 10 different tins and boxes until I told myself that I have absolutely no room for these items and just stopped at the two.

Purple Floral Tin: £2.99 & Green Floral Round Tin: £2.49

Now I settle on these two because I loved the colours and the price it has to be said. I'm ashamed to say they are still in the bag as I haven't quite worked out what I'm going to put in them but it will probably be some form of storage as I am always needing tins and boxes for my vast amounts of rubbish.

The second stop I made was into the books and paper section but I wasn't very impressed with what they had on offer which was a surprise cause normally I always end up picking something up in this section. Undeterred however I then made my way down to the hair/skin care section and picked up two absolutely bargains!

Both £4.99
I managed to pick up two products from the Percy & Reed Range for a cool £4.99 each which for these products was like a miracle price. I did debate if I needed both but then caved and thought for the price it wouldn't hurt to try them out. 

The first Percy & Reed product I picked up was the 'It's So Cool Heat Protect Styling Mist' which retails for £18.00 normally.This is basically a heat protector spray but unlike a lot of heat protectors this can be used on both wet and dry hair - depending on how you need to use it. Since getting this product it has been my go to heat protector because I can use it on wet or dry hair and I have noticed that my hair has never felt so soft after styling since using this. 

The second product I picked up from the range was the 'Brilliantly Beautiful Superglossing Mask' which normally retails at £18.00 also. Unlike the styling mist that I've been using on a regular basis I have only used this once so far so I haven't really got an opinion on if I like it or loathe it. The only thing I will say about both products is that I'm not a massive fan of the smell which kind of puts me off using the mask again as I don't like the lingering smell on my hair after using it. 

Now my final stop was of course to the make up section which has lately seen me go into TK Maxx just for the sole purpose of a stop to the make up section! I would say it has been become slightly addictive and quite expensive in the process. However I only picked up one make up product which was the COLOREVOLUTION 3pc Starter Kit in the shade fair to light.

The set contains 3 100% Pure Mineral Powders with a foundation, blush and shimmer as can be seen in the picture below.

Left to Right: Foundation, Blush, Shimmer

I actually haven't tried any of these yet and it's actually all still sitting in the box but I will do a full review on all all three of these to let you know how they are as products!

So there's my mini TK Maxx Haul! Although since I have been in there again so I will be posting another haul from there very soon! 

Thanks for reading.


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