Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bargain Make Up Brush Haul

I have to admit that lately I have been going a little bit crazy for make up brushes - I'm not sure why but  it just seems that if I see a brush that I like the look of that I don't have in my collection I just need to purchase it! It's definitely becoming a little out of hand. On the other hand I have managed to pick up some bargain brushes this week so I thought I'd do a brush haul for you all so you can see what I've been buying!

Now the first place I went for brushes was one of my favourite places for make up and beauty products at amazing prices - TK Maxx! I seem to go in there on a daily basis! The first brushes I picked up there were the Real Techniques Core Collection set which was priced at £14.99 instead of the usual retail price of £21.99. 

This set comes with (left to right) a contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and buffing brush plus a 2 in 1 stand and case that is super handy for travelling! This set is also available in Boots for £21.99 & Superdrug for £20.99 if either you don't have a TK Maxx or your local one doesn't have the sets in. The set is also available on for £14.65 which is again even cheaper! 

Although I am yet to use this set I have already bought the Real Techniques Blush Brush which has fast become one of my favourites so I'm sure that this set won't disappoint as this has also received some great reviews.

Again keeping in TK Maxx I managed to pick up 2 more brushes at bargain prices but this time from EcoTools.

Flat Foundation Brush & Domed Bronzer
I picked up a Flat Foundation brush for £3.99 instead of the usual price of £7.99 and the Domed Bronzer Brush which was also £3.99 instead of the usual price of £9.99. Both of these brushes are available from Boots as well if again you don't have or your local TK Maxx doesn't stock them. I will say that my TK Maxx seems to be having a constant supply of EcoTools Brushes at the moment so I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

The next brush was from H & M's make up collection which I do have quite a strong love for - if you haven't already then seriously you need to check it out because they have some really great products as well as some seriously good make up brushes for amazing prices. The one I picked up which can be seen below is just a make up brush that with the black handle the red hearts on it and a white and red bristles which is shaped like a heart as well! Seriously so cute and for £1.99 how could I leave it? Even if I don't use it, it's seriously going to look so cute.

And the final brush in this haul was the cheapest and one of my favourites that this is actually the 4th one of these I have bought and for £1.00 it's hardly breaking the bank!

This is from the brand MUST Make Up Studio that is stocked in Savers. The bristles are nylon but are seriously so smooth and this brush is so good for applying foundation as well as concealer! The only downside to these brushes is that they aren't so easy to get clean but then again that could just be more of a case of how I wash my brushes than the brush itself! For a £1.00 I'd recommend a try even if you don't like it there's always potential you might!

Any of you found any bargain make up brushes then let me know!!



  1. I love TK Maxx, I am in there every day too almost haha!
    Have you seen any of the make up brushes in your local TK Maxx which look so very similar to RT ones? I have seen a few in mine but haven't picked any up yet! xx

    1. Yes I have! They called beauty something or other? I'm tempted to try them although they weren't really that much cheaper than the actual real techniques ones! I literally love going in there and seeing what brushes they have! I bought an Elite concealer brush a few weeks ago - so good! If you find one pick it up! It's like £2.99 and so great for apply potted concealers that dont have a stick to help blend! xx