Tuesday, 6 October 2015

MUA Hyrdo Range

Every brand and it's mother seems to be bringing out new products/ranges/formulations at the moment and like most of us I am a bit of a sucker for new products and this is especially true when they're under a fiver! MUA have done it again and along with all their new lip products they've released recently they have also gone and bought a new trio of primer, foundation & powder in what they are calling their hydro range.

The range of products are lightweight infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba which is supposed to give a natural finish on the skin which for me is perfect as I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup so if I'm putting a foundation on I do like it to look as natural as possible. The only one I've properly tried so far is the foundation in the shade natural ivory and it was ridiculously lightweight on my skin to the point that I might as well not wear it because there is no difference which was disappointing. However for others of you it might be fantastic but for me it just didn't work but if you're thinking of maybe trying there are six different shades and it's £4.00 so it's not really a huge loss.

The powder comes in only 1 shade and it's quite light to the point that on the skin it will probably be translucent but I've not tried this one out yet so no verdict at the moment. And then finally the product I am most excited about is the primer because I have a primer obsession. Every time a new highstreet/drugstore/budget primer gets released I am there like a shot and this one is the main reason I decided to give the range a go. 

As the picture above is supposed to show you but I couldn't quite capture it is that this primer is a lightweight gel now this is again one I haven't used yet so there verdict is out on this but I will say this does have an odd smell to it so it might not be for everyone. This is the most expensive product in the range coming in at £5.00. 

This range is available both from Superdrug & MUA plus available in your local Superdrug store!


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