Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Brush Sets

It happens every year, we hit October, the kids are back in the swing at school and suddenly Christmas gift sets, paper, cards start appearing all over the place. Boots have already lined their shelves with the Christmas gift sets as have Superdrug. But I tend to not do my Christmas shopping till November as my birthday is the end of October but that doesn't stop me indulging and having a sneaky little binge.

I have a complete weakness for make up brushes so I couldn't resist buying some of brush gift sets - they look too pretty to resist.

This set comes with 5 brushes with 2 being exclusives and a white make up clutch which is cute as an extra but not something I'm likely to ever use.

The brushes from left to right - Multi Task Brush, Tapered Foundation Brush (exclusive), Angled Highlighter Brush (exclusive), Base Shadow Brush and Fine Liner Brush.

The only brush I already have is the Multi Task Brush so for me the rest of these are really good additions plus for £20.00 (currently on offer in Superdrug) it works out at just £4.00 per brush which is an absolute bargain!

This set contains the Stipple/Blending Brush - F103, Powder Brush - F104 and Contour Brush - F105.

It also contains 2 products not available on their own - Duo Face Sculpt and Pro Illuminate.

This is an excellent value set and as someone who has never tried Makeup Revolution brushes I'm quite excited to see what their like.

The cheapest of the bunch this set contains a Powder, Blusher, Foundation and Eyeshadow brush and would make a great gift. The brushes are incredibly soft for the price so this is always a good sign.

And the artwork on the back of the box is pretty cool as well!


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  1. Good news re: Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt and Pro Illuminate Highlighter!! TAM Beauty is now offering both for individual sale, and the Highlighter is in a HUGE compact (same size as the Duo Face Sculpt, £4.00) with 15gs of product for £4.00. They also still have the 5 piece set, and right now it's on sale for 1/2 price (£5.00)! I love my set so much I'm ordering another.