Thursday, 8 October 2015

H & M Beauty

As one of my favourite shops I am forever in and out of H & M and have long been a fan of their beauty products but I always was a little bit disappointed as most of the time they wouldn't have certain products i.e mascara and concealer were the biggest ones. Also it always felt so limited in their range and dependent on the time of the year was dependent how good the items were. So the fact that they have relaunched the beauty department has got a big thumbs up from me!

The new beauty departments/stands are so much nicer and you are actually able to test the products out - something you couldn't do before. So I didn't go crazy, just bought the products I thought I'd use as you can see from the picture below.

The first product is the Mattifying Face Primer priced at £7.99 which is priced quite reasonably at £7.99, then I bought one of the Lush Lip Vinyl's in the shade Chic Choc. This is basically a liquid lipstick that is so nice and feels really glossy however the shade is just way too dark for me unfortunately so it looks as though my sister is going to have the benefit of this one! I will however be purchasing in a lighter shade and for £6.99 I don't actually think it's too much compared to other brands.

The blusher was the product I was most excited about however it might just be the shade I got - Cameo Pink - but there's no real colour pay off and it is supposed to be sheer coverage but it's almost non-existent which was disappointing. For the £6.99 I feel as though that was wasted money. 

I however did manage to get a pretty good match on the concealer front with the shade Almond Beige. It's £4.99 and a pretty standard concealer which I would probably use with another one under my eyes to hide the terrible dark circles I currently have.

The nail polish is probably my favourite buy of them all just because the shade is the most amazing nude. It's called Kalahari and it does need I'd say 2-3 coats for it to really stand out but it's such a flattering shade that could be worn all through summer and winter! The £3.99 on this was well spent and I do love the cute shape of the bottle.

The final thing I bought was a Lip Definer i.e lip pencil in the shade Au Naturel and I'm still undecided about this. I don't hate it but I don't really really love it but then I don't know if I even like it so going to give it a little more testing out and then I'll make the decision. The Lip Definer is £3.99. 

H & M do have some of their products online here if you are unable to get into a store but if you have managed to get into store and buy some products then let me know which ones you love or loathe?


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