Monday, 19 October 2015

Chanel Budget Alternatives For The Moment

The one bag I've always dreamed of having is the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag because in my eyes it is the most classic of bags and the most stylish that is never going to date. Unfortunately I don't quite have the budget although I am hoping that one day I'll be able to fulfill my dream of owning one. 

So being realistic for me there isn't much that compares to a Chanel but until I reach those dizzy heights of being able to afford one (and my aim is I WILL), I have instead been looking at alternatives from a range of brands as well as the high street hence forward the below collection. 

I want a classic black, small bag that maybe is quilted maybe it isn't that can be used day or night and isn't going to date because when I go out I'm a bit fed up of having to use a clutch all the time. Plus it would be nice to have a smallish bag for the day that can still fit my stuff in!

These are so far my favourites that I've found but I'll keep you posted on which one I decide to go for or not as it were.

Black Quilted Bags


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