Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Current Favourites 2014

Hello lovely people! The sun is finally shining once again and so far there's been no sign of rain (fingers crossed) & today I am actually feeling in a rather happy mood - so there's definitely smiles all round! Yay!

So now I see everyone always doing their monthly favourites and I always say I'm going to do one but even though I often buy new products it does actually take quite a lot for them to become my favourites. So because of that I thought I'd simply just do my current favourite products that I basically use all the time and currently have no intention of not still using! 

My Current Favourites
My first 3 products are all skincare products!

So my first product is Boots Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion which is normally £2.99 but I managed to get mine on offer for £1.49. The purpose of this product is stated as -

'To penetrate pores to visibly clear & reduce blackheads'

I have been using this product morning and night to cleanse my face and neck for about 2 months now and have definitely noticed a significant difference in my complexion. This does contain salicylic acid so the product does have a really strong smell to it but you do get used to this after you've used it for a while.

My next favourite product that I've added to my skincare rountine in the last weeks is Nivea Pure & Nautural Cleansing Toner that is described as a 'mild toner with bio argan oil and bio aloe vera that gently cleanses and revitalises while supporting your skin's natural balance'. 

I use this after using my cleansing lotion and have noticed a difference in how my skin feels after. After applying this I do tend to use a moisturiser to replenish my skin as this can leave my skin feeling quite thirsty. 

I bought this for £1.99 from Savers and is currently on offer at the same price in Boots as well if you don't have a Savers near you! The normal price is around £3 - £3.50.

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution has been talked about so much by beauty bloggers that there's not really much to say. I've been using this for about 2 months now and still not finished the bottle. I can't really compare to other micellar water's because I haven't used any others but I do love using this one and will certainly be repurchasing it again! I managed to get this for £2.99 in Asda and I know a lot of other places also have it offer quite regularly. The normal price is £4.99 and available from Boots.

Serum's have been the latest 'it beauty product' and it's easy to see why. Unlike a moisturiser they aren't so thick and do lock into the skin a lot quicker. Superdrugs Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum gives the best of both world's and smell's absolutely amazing - reminds me of fruits and summer! It's so much lighter on my skin and dries so much quicker than a standard moisturiser. I also feel it gives my skin a really nice natural glow!
This is available for £5.99 from Superdrug.

Vichy Normaderm Nuit has been my night time face cream and this little beauty certainly seems to work it's magic over night! This is formulated for those that have blocked pores/irregular skin surface now whilst I wouldn't say I have irregular skin surface I do have quite open pores unfortunately.
This product helps to tighten pores and to fight against the excessive sebum that skin produces over night. 

Whilst I do have a lot of love for this product in that my face does feel a lot fresher in the morning if you are someone who doesn't like fragranced products then I would stay clear of this as it does have quite a potent smell about it. 

Now I bought this when Boots had a clearance sale so I'm not totally sure if you can get this exact product but on the Boots website they still have other Vichy products from the range.

A couple of weeks ago in my Superdrug & Savers Bargain post I bought the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo and Conditioner that had been developed in collaboration with Claudia Schiffer. So the next day I went back and bought the Omega Repair Intensive Mask from the same range and I absolutely love it. 

I tend to use a hair mask once or twice a week depending on the condition of my hair and this one has been a life saver. Although it saids to leave it on for one minute I leave it on for slightly longer and the results are that my hair feels so much healthier after this has worked it's magic. It's also making my hair look nicer for longer and stopped it becoming limp one day after washing which is always a bonus. 

This is available for £5.49 from Superdrug.

My final favourite is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder which is a bargain £3.00 from Superdrug. Now I have been experimenting with lots of different highlighters in the last couple of weeks but this MUA one never fails to do it's job and is always my fallback when other products fail. I absolutely adore this a highlighter and can also be used as a shimmery blush if you choose. For £3.00 this in my eyes is very hard to beat! 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

BEDM #7 - Gadgets


Gadgets by chloeslowrie on Polyvore

In my life these are basically the only 'gadgets' or things I class as gadgets that I own! I'm not big on technology - yes I still do like to write my uni notes down in a notebook and yes I do still like to read a book but there are some things in my life I couldn't live without.

In a sense our lives have been over run with technology and the latest gadgets nowadays my phone is like my life line - when the battery goes dead I feel as though I've lost my right arm. The same with my ipod, I cannot cope without music in my life especially if I'm trying to focus on something. 

And finally my laptop. 
My beautiful laptop.
Literally I do not know how life would have been without laptops! I would be lost without mine.

But it's important to note that as much as technology can enhance and help us in life it's not the most important thing as the viral youtube video 'Look Up' (below) states. 

The message in this video is important - all the technology and gadgets in the world can't actually replace real life and memories! Sometimes I think I'm guilty of forgetting that as well as I'm sure many other people are as well.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Look Beauts

New Look has been pulling it out the bag lately & I am in love with so many items in there (I am resisting). Plus there's a cheeky sale currently on so you might as well just go and have a sneak peak. 

New Look Beauts


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BEDM #6 - Passion Projects

What do I love and would like to make money from?

The question that I am asking myself as I write my sixth Blog Everyday in May post and wow it's quite a difficult question. There are lots of things I like but would I go as far as saying I love them? And something that I would want to make money from by having it as my job?

Well here's some things I could see that happening with.


I love clothes and it's more than just shopping for them although that is the fun part. It's everything - it's the way a good dress can make you feel or how you have a spring in your step when you feel good in an outfit.

I'd love to be able to make people feel like that everyday - especially for those that hate having to pick something to wear and find it as a chore.

2).Planning & Organising 

I love planning & organising things for other people. Myself I am not something that likes that in my life really - I find it a chore but for other people it's something I really enjoy.


My dream was to always be a writer - I love to write about anything and everything but being a writer who can make it their job and actually make money from it is very difficult. There is simply no guarantee. And also I find it impossible to finish anything that I write!


BEDM #5 - Mexico

Image Source 

For as long as I can remember Mexico has been one country that I have been desperate to visit and I hope one day I get my chance. I would say it's in my Top 3 of countries I want to visit.

Now it's not only because of the pictures the holiday brochures show with it's amazing views and beautiful beaches although as you can see below I wouldn't say no to lying in the sun on that beach for sure.

Image Source
But also to be able to explore the country and take in the culture and surroundings! Also get to sample genuine Mexican food (that looks amazing).

Image Source

And of course buy a genuine Mexican Sombrero! I am hoping that one day I'll be able to fulfill my dream of going there!

Have any of you been lucky enough to visit Mexico?


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Where to find Beauty Bargains?

Who loves a bargain?

I'm guessing near enough everyone's thinking nodding their heads and thinking oh yes! I'm constantly on the hunt for bargains especially beauty ones as buying beauty products can certainly add up but I've found some awesome places so I thought I'd share them with you! Boots and Superdrug do have some fantastic offers on a lot of the time (Boots 3 for 2 is a big favourite) but they are the obvious ones so I thought I'd do a run down of the places I look for fab beauty bargains.

1)- TK Maxx

So I regularly pay a visit to TK Maxx to check out the stock because it's ever changing and I don't want to miss out on something that's really great! If you read my Bargain Make Up Brush Haul then you'll know that I picked up the Real Techniques core collection for a brilliant £14.99.

I have also previously picked up Percy & Reed products for under £5.00 and in the past couple of weeks they have been stocking quite a few products from the American brand Physician's Formula for the amazing prices of £2.99/£3.99 per a product so I've been snapping them up.

Some people get put off by TK Maxx because it can sometimes look a bit unorganised and dare I say messy but if you are preferred to have a real good look through there are loads of bargains waiting for you!

2)- Savers

I think most people are familiar with Savers but if you aren't then it's basically the same company as Superdrug but even cheaper! You can pick up Aussie shampoo and conditioner for £2.99 instead of the £4.99 they seem to charge you everywhere else. They also have a really good range of skincare and toiletries in there from well known brands and cheaper brands you can't get anywhere else but don't dismiss these because some of them are really good.

Also when Superdrug discontinues some of it's lines it gets sent to the Savers shops to clear! They also sell their perfumes at reaonable prices such as the other day I went in and they had a DKNY Red Delicious 50ml selling for £19.99!

3) - Poundland

Poundland have for a while now been stocking discontinued lines that retailers may not be stocking anymore or maybe have changed the packaging for a whole £1.00 and I'm not talking brands you've never heard of either - I've picked up Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Revlon and other branded products for a £1.00! I've also seen Calvin Klein eyeshadows so it's worth having a scout. I will warn it's very hit and miss but sometimes you can pick up some fab bits.

Poundland of course stock all sorts of products from deodrants, shampoos and skincare products which again are all branded so it's definitely worth having a look before you make a trip to Boots or Superdrug to see what products they have in. 

4)- 99p Store

Much like Poundland and again the stock is very hit and miss but you can pick up some really good stuff in there but just be prepared for the potential that one day there will be literally nothing you want to purchase and the day after you could have a basket full! 

5)- Supermarkets

Supermarkets have some of the best deals on beauty products with Tesco and Asda being the ones I most regularly get my bargains from. Would definitely say have a look as both seem to always have certain lines reduced to clear at amazing prices!

6)- Online

I plan on doing another blog post containing websites for grabbing beauty bargains but one that automatically springs to mind is www.fragrancedirect.co.uk  and also blog sales from other beauty bloggers is a fab way of not only getting products at good prices but also to test products out. Check out #blogsale to see what beauty bloggers currently have sales on!

Any other suggestions? Please let me know!


BEDM #4 - Sci-Fi

I am not a fan of today's topic at all! 
I am not a fan of Star Wars - too long and tedious.
I am not overly a fan of Sci-Fi really although I used to love watching Roswell back in the day with a very young Katherine Heigl. 
I prefer Supernatural thrillers than Sci-Fi.
I can only write this ridiculously pointlessly short post today.
I don't want to but I feel I must say 'May the 4th be with you'.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

BEDM #3 - Weekend Morning Routine

This will be quite a short post because one reason is I've been at work all day and so I'm quite tired and two I don't really have a weekend morning routine. 

On Saturday mornings it looks like this -

8:30 Alarm Goes Off -  Reset Alarm
9:00 Second Alarm Goes off - Laze about trying to wake up by having a browse on my phone.
9:10 Realise the time.
9:15 Finally get Up
9:30 Race out the door and walk/run to walk.

Then I repeat this on a Sunday only the times are an hour later. In the event I have a free Sunday I have absolutely no routine and just enjoy being lazy! My Saturday is like someone who works full time Monday and then Monday is back to uni work - fun!


Friday, 2 May 2014

BEDM #2 - My Favourite Types Of Posts To Write

I decided to do my own take on this because I don't really have favourite posts that I've written so I thought I'd share with you 'My Favourite Types Of Posts To Write'.

1)- Wish Lists - 

Since discovering Polyvore I have become obsessed with creating my own Wish Lists/ Favourites you name I just love to create my collages of beautiful items. 
It is also a really good shopping tool as it directs you to the website where you can buy it so bad for my bank balance but minimal effort shopping!

2)- Hauls

Everyone loves reading a good haul post and I do love to share with everyone when I do you know go for a little shop now and then (haha). I don't do it to show off as I'm sure nobody does haul posts for that reason but to share with everyone what I'm loving and to get other people's opinions.
Also I've found that through other people's haul posts I've actually myself discovered products I didn't even know exist that have become my favourites i.e Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer anyone?

3)- Outfits Of The Day (OOTD)

I do like to do the odd Outfit Of The Day posts just so I can have a look back and see what works and what doesn't. The only problem is I only do them when I go home as my sister is the only person that I let take pictures!

What posts do you all like to write?


Summer Topshop Wishlist

Topshop has just been tempting me lately with the amazing pieces they have in for summer! So I thought you know I'd do a little wishlist - everything is just so cute & pretty!!!

Summer Topshop Wishlist


Thursday, 1 May 2014

BEDM #1 - What Is Your All Blog About?

So I tried to do the Blog Every Day in May challenge last year and managed to do quite a few posts but not as many as I would have hoped so finding out that Rosalilium was doing the challenge again this year I decided that it would be good to get involved and see if I could do even better than last night! (Fingers crossed I can be more organised as well).

Now asking me the question What Is Your Blog All About? is actually really difficult for me to answer as I don't particularly have any set topics I always blog about - I wouldn't class myself as a beauty blogger but I do like to blog about beauty. I also wouldn't class myself as a fashion blogger but I do like to blog about fashion - I am just someone who likes to blog simply. 

I have however created a diagram of the topics I like to/want to blog about in the future to help you get a better understanding of me and what my blog is about!