Thursday, 1 May 2014

BEDM #1 - What Is Your All Blog About?

So I tried to do the Blog Every Day in May challenge last year and managed to do quite a few posts but not as many as I would have hoped so finding out that Rosalilium was doing the challenge again this year I decided that it would be good to get involved and see if I could do even better than last night! (Fingers crossed I can be more organised as well).

Now asking me the question What Is Your Blog All About? is actually really difficult for me to answer as I don't particularly have any set topics I always blog about - I wouldn't class myself as a beauty blogger but I do like to blog about beauty. I also wouldn't class myself as a fashion blogger but I do like to blog about fashion - I am just someone who likes to blog simply. 

I have however created a diagram of the topics I like to/want to blog about in the future to help you get a better understanding of me and what my blog is about! 



  1. So far on my BEDM travels, I'm finding that a lot of people are finding this topic hard as some write so many different things! Though seeing as my own blog is a mix of things, I enjoy finding other blogs with a similar mix

    1. Yeah same! I never feel like I can put my blog into a category as I feel like I write about whatever I feel for example lately it's been a lot of beauty but next week it might be about tv or music! I find that blogs that have a mix are nice to read though as the next post that pops up can be totally unexpected! Definitely hoping to have a wider range of topics within my blog in the future! xx