Saturday, 3 May 2014

BEDM #3 - Weekend Morning Routine

This will be quite a short post because one reason is I've been at work all day and so I'm quite tired and two I don't really have a weekend morning routine. 

On Saturday mornings it looks like this -

8:30 Alarm Goes Off -  Reset Alarm
9:00 Second Alarm Goes off - Laze about trying to wake up by having a browse on my phone.
9:10 Realise the time.
9:15 Finally get Up
9:30 Race out the door and walk/run to walk.

Then I repeat this on a Sunday only the times are an hour later. In the event I have a free Sunday I have absolutely no routine and just enjoy being lazy! My Saturday is like someone who works full time Monday and then Monday is back to uni work - fun!


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