Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BEDM #6 - Passion Projects

What do I love and would like to make money from?

The question that I am asking myself as I write my sixth Blog Everyday in May post and wow it's quite a difficult question. There are lots of things I like but would I go as far as saying I love them? And something that I would want to make money from by having it as my job?

Well here's some things I could see that happening with.


I love clothes and it's more than just shopping for them although that is the fun part. It's everything - it's the way a good dress can make you feel or how you have a spring in your step when you feel good in an outfit.

I'd love to be able to make people feel like that everyday - especially for those that hate having to pick something to wear and find it as a chore.

2).Planning & Organising 

I love planning & organising things for other people. Myself I am not something that likes that in my life really - I find it a chore but for other people it's something I really enjoy.


My dream was to always be a writer - I love to write about anything and everything but being a writer who can make it their job and actually make money from it is very difficult. There is simply no guarantee. And also I find it impossible to finish anything that I write!


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