Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Current Favourites 2014

Hello lovely people! The sun is finally shining once again and so far there's been no sign of rain (fingers crossed) & today I am actually feeling in a rather happy mood - so there's definitely smiles all round! Yay!

So now I see everyone always doing their monthly favourites and I always say I'm going to do one but even though I often buy new products it does actually take quite a lot for them to become my favourites. So because of that I thought I'd simply just do my current favourite products that I basically use all the time and currently have no intention of not still using! 

My Current Favourites
My first 3 products are all skincare products!

So my first product is Boots Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion which is normally £2.99 but I managed to get mine on offer for £1.49. The purpose of this product is stated as -

'To penetrate pores to visibly clear & reduce blackheads'

I have been using this product morning and night to cleanse my face and neck for about 2 months now and have definitely noticed a significant difference in my complexion. This does contain salicylic acid so the product does have a really strong smell to it but you do get used to this after you've used it for a while.

My next favourite product that I've added to my skincare rountine in the last weeks is Nivea Pure & Nautural Cleansing Toner that is described as a 'mild toner with bio argan oil and bio aloe vera that gently cleanses and revitalises while supporting your skin's natural balance'. 

I use this after using my cleansing lotion and have noticed a difference in how my skin feels after. After applying this I do tend to use a moisturiser to replenish my skin as this can leave my skin feeling quite thirsty. 

I bought this for £1.99 from Savers and is currently on offer at the same price in Boots as well if you don't have a Savers near you! The normal price is around £3 - £3.50.

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution has been talked about so much by beauty bloggers that there's not really much to say. I've been using this for about 2 months now and still not finished the bottle. I can't really compare to other micellar water's because I haven't used any others but I do love using this one and will certainly be repurchasing it again! I managed to get this for £2.99 in Asda and I know a lot of other places also have it offer quite regularly. The normal price is £4.99 and available from Boots.

Serum's have been the latest 'it beauty product' and it's easy to see why. Unlike a moisturiser they aren't so thick and do lock into the skin a lot quicker. Superdrugs Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum gives the best of both world's and smell's absolutely amazing - reminds me of fruits and summer! It's so much lighter on my skin and dries so much quicker than a standard moisturiser. I also feel it gives my skin a really nice natural glow!
This is available for £5.99 from Superdrug.

Vichy Normaderm Nuit has been my night time face cream and this little beauty certainly seems to work it's magic over night! This is formulated for those that have blocked pores/irregular skin surface now whilst I wouldn't say I have irregular skin surface I do have quite open pores unfortunately.
This product helps to tighten pores and to fight against the excessive sebum that skin produces over night. 

Whilst I do have a lot of love for this product in that my face does feel a lot fresher in the morning if you are someone who doesn't like fragranced products then I would stay clear of this as it does have quite a potent smell about it. 

Now I bought this when Boots had a clearance sale so I'm not totally sure if you can get this exact product but on the Boots website they still have other Vichy products from the range.

A couple of weeks ago in my Superdrug & Savers Bargain post I bought the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo and Conditioner that had been developed in collaboration with Claudia Schiffer. So the next day I went back and bought the Omega Repair Intensive Mask from the same range and I absolutely love it. 

I tend to use a hair mask once or twice a week depending on the condition of my hair and this one has been a life saver. Although it saids to leave it on for one minute I leave it on for slightly longer and the results are that my hair feels so much healthier after this has worked it's magic. It's also making my hair look nicer for longer and stopped it becoming limp one day after washing which is always a bonus. 

This is available for £5.49 from Superdrug.

My final favourite is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder which is a bargain £3.00 from Superdrug. Now I have been experimenting with lots of different highlighters in the last couple of weeks but this MUA one never fails to do it's job and is always my fallback when other products fail. I absolutely adore this a highlighter and can also be used as a shimmery blush if you choose. For £3.00 this in my eyes is very hard to beat! 


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