Thursday, 28 July 2016

New Products: Lips - Rimmel, Sleek & Soap and Glory

So another new products post and this time it's new lip products that I have bought that are new in that they may have been out for a few weeks but they are still fairly newly released.

Anyway I have three products - One from Rimmel, One from Sleek and One from Soap & Glory. 

So Rimmel have bought out a brand new selection of lipsticks and nail varnishes to celebrate 15 years of Rimmel & Kate Moss. And being a huge Kate Moss fan and also fully falling in love with the rose gold packaging I decided I had to pick one up. 

The shade I went for was 56 in Boho Nude - in the collection there are 6 lipsticks altogether with 3 nudes and 3 reds. Basically the signature shades that Kate herself is known for wearing. 

These new lipsticks are priced at £6.49 and available from Boots and Superdrug!

Sleek is well know for their great pigmented blushers but they do have some great lip products as well and the latest edition is the Sleek Lip Power Plump Pencils. These are really pigmented and once applied within about a minute  actually make your lips tingle hence the plump in the name. The colour I got was Berry Burst and as of yet I haven't actually used it but definitely feel this is a great one for a night out. These are priced at £5.49.

And the final product - 

Soap & Glory relaunched their entire lipstick collection into three colour ranges - Pinks, Reds and Nudes. I will be honest there were not many of the colours that really appealed to me, the new packaging is great but the colours for me were more miss than hit.

One shade that I thought I'd give a go was a nude shade called Cinnamon Beige in Matte effect. This is a dark nude so it's not something I would wear everyday as I'm someone who does the 'barely there' in the day but for nights out this really is a great lipstick. 

All Soap & Glory lipsticks are £9.00 and available from Boots.


Top to Bottom - Sleek Power Plump Pencil in Berry Burst,
Soap & Glory Mother Pucker in Cinnamon Beige & Rimmel Kate Moss
15 Years in Boho Nude.

Cheers & Loves


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