Friday, 8 July 2016

Fashion & Beauty: A Few Primark Purchases

Before yesterday I couldn't tell you the last time I 'popped' into Primark so my visit was well overdue in my opinion. As I was on my lunch break it was a little bit of a rushed look around but none the less I did end up picking up a few purchases and a few bargains!

The first thing I found on my rummage through the sales stands was this amazing playsuit that is going to be perfect for my holiday. It was priced at £5.00 but when it scanned through it was actually £2.00 = Day Made!

And then the next thing I picked up was this pack of six earrings for £1.00. I absolutely adore black and gold earrings so these again will be something I'll no doubt take on holiday with me.

And everything else I picked up was beauty related! So here's all of that -

Nail Varnish £0.80. Nail Polish Twist Pot £1.00. Beauty Drawers £4.00
Nail Polish in Ice Queen
Eyeliner 2 Pack with Sharpener £1.00

High Shine Lip Gloss in True Nude & Skin Deep £1.50 each
PS Pro Lip Primer £3.00 & PS Pro Longwear CC Concealer £2.50

The main bulk of my purchases were beauty related as I really wanted to get my hands on some of the new PS Pro make up unfortunately they didn't have that much in store so only picked up the two items. Still I'm excited to try all the make up as I've never tried much else in terms of Primark makeup and the beauty drawers at £4.00 were an absolute steal!

If you have any beauty recommendations from Primark then please let me know so I can whizz down and purchase some more goodies.

Cheers & Loves


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