Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tresemme Bargains

Since starting my new job has meant that I am now right again back in the middle of town and surrounded by shops on a daily basis which has made it very difficult for me to restrain myself from spending. However this week I managed to buy all these Tresemme products for the grand total of £1.25! 

£1.25 - I kid you not!

They are all from Superdrug and I needed to let you know in case there are any in your local stores - GO GET THEM!

The three products I got were the following -

Tresemme Pro Shine Last Hold Fixing Spray - 25p (not online)
Tresemme Pro Shine Ultimate Hold Volume Mousse - 10p (1.50 online)
Tresemme Pro Shine Heat Style Primer - 10p (£1.50 online)

These products were all from the X Factor Limited Edition range hence why I think they were reduced but I'm more than happy with my purchases

So if you are near a Superdrug then you might want to pop in and see if there's any left!



  1. Wow. What a bargain! To bad I can't get near a superdrug until next week x

    1. I know! They might have some then you never know. There was no way I could leave them on the shelf x

  2. That has to be the best bargain haul I've ever seen!! x

    1. Haha yes - I was super chuffed with them all! I am completely stockpiled now as managed to get another 2 primers in Superdrug today randomly x