Sunday, 25 January 2015

Empties 2015 #1

There has been a complete lack of organisation in my life for the last couple of months in near enough every aspect of my life - blogging being one of them. I literally have had so many different posts written on my to do list to obviously do but still haven't done them. So I am sitting down now determined to finally kick start my 2015 blog posts even though next week will be February with an empties post. 

I am someone that rarely uses a whole product up before I pass on to my mum or my sister however one of my New Year's Resolutions is to try and finish products more so I have a few empties from the last couple of months so I thought just to get back into the swing of it I'd start with them! Some have been I've mentioned previously on here as favourites but most are just general empties!

(P.S I apologise for the terrible picture quality - I need to find a good place in my flat to take photos with decent lighting as of yet one hasn't been found!)


First up is Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water which was in my August Favourites Post so everything you need to know about it is there. But I would say having tried a few micellar waters this is probably my current favourite one - I am currently using the Garnier one but I don't find it as good as this one that's for sure. 

Second skincare product is my trusted Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion from Boots which I really find is great for my skin. I did stop using it for a while and I noticed the difference with my skin - this just keeps it under control. However as I said in a previous post this does have quite a strong smell so that can take some getting used to otherwise it's great and I already have 2 other bottles stocked up as well as the one I'm currently using. 


I always buy gift sets in the January sales and they always come with what I see as 'pointless extras' as in that I never really use the body lotion or the shower gel but as I'm on a mission to use up and finish products I've been going through  the shower gels I've accumulated. So Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne and Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! are 2 that I've used up and as lovely as they smell they are just like any other shower gel it just happens they are scented like the perfumes. I don't really think in my opinion they are anything special, I personally would never go out and buy the shower gels as I feel they are a waste of money but they are a nice little luxury extra now I feel instead of pointless.

On the other hand Radox Eastern Spirit is the most amazing smelling shower gel I've ever come across. It's a mix of 'oriental lotus flower & orange blossom' & it seems lately like anything that smells like oranges I'm really liking and this is highly recommended!

So now continuing with Bath/Shower products I have two body scrubs - the NSPA Patchouli and Ylang Ylang was mentioned in my August Favourites Post so you can read about it there. I haven't actually come across it in an Asda since but when I do I will be repurchasing. The second body scrub is Dirty Works Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub from Sainsbury's and this is possibly the worst body scrub I've come across - the smell, the texture, the results - just all of it are terrible! It did nothing for my skin at all in that I didn't feel like it made a bit of difference as well as the texture being just too harsh for my skin and the smell is so bizarre! Not one that I would recommend at all.


My final empties are OGX Renwing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner in travel sizes. I bought these when they were on offer for a £1 each back in the summer and I really liked both of these. My hair did feel a lot nicer after using these and had a healthy shine to it and even though these were travel sizes these lasted a good while which was good. I will be at some point repurchasing but I have so many other shampoos I'm currently using/trying out but I did like these and definitely want to try more from the brand in the future.

So just a few empties there! Now I need to just keep up using all my products to the end!


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